24kGoldn’s #1 Hit Is A Mood – IMPAULSIVE EP. 268

Snow, Snow, Fire!

What do you do when you’re snowed in your house for four solid days? Anything you can think of. When you’re out of ideas then it’s time to revive an old hobby, and don’t forget the sparklers.

The Bangkok Sidewalk Squirt

Beware of the Bangkok sidewalk squirt. It lurks innocently enough, in cracks and joints, but just when you think you are safe – Wham! It hits you.

Sarah Palin Will Make a Great President

It’s been proven loud and clear that we shouldn’t waste good talent on the presidency. George W. Bush was the best-ever non-waste of good talent to hit the presidency of all time. It’s a shame Barack Obama has wasted his immeasurable talents on something so hair-brained as the Oval Office.

Learn to Be Funny and Attract a Happy World Around You

Being funny is one great skill that can attract people to you. Of course, we all love to laugh and we love company who can make us laugh. With laughter, we feel a positive vibe between us, break awkwardness, make people want you, and of course, it makes us get rid of or problems.

Feeling “Safe” – About Airport Security

We’ve all heard, by now, about the terrorist’s attempted suicide bombing on a plane on Christmas day. Fortunately, he did not succeed. You’ll all be happy to know, as a result, airport security tightened and the next day they were able to swiftly and safely confiscate a highly dangerous jar of almond butter that my daughter tried to take on board a plane – whew!

Comedy DVD Review – Jeff Dunham is Hilarious!

Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist comedian taking the world by storm. He is selling out to packed audiences, has his own TV show and a number of hilarious characters you will never forget.

Take This Job and Shove it – Mommy, I Don’t Wanna Be President When I Grow Up

Ah, the occupational dreams kids have for when they grow up. I wonder if being president is no longer one of them? Maybe they’d be happy just having a job. Any job.

Ed the Painter – A Real American Hero

They first appeared in books, later in the movies and television, then in toy stores. Action heroes. Bigger than life.

How to Find Time For Reading Books

Do you love to read books? If the answer to this question is yes, then most likely you will also find the time to read books. The most common complaint that I hear when I ask people to “invest” (and not “spend”) time on reading, is that they just don’t get the time or they are too many things to do throughout the day, so there is just no time left to read. Let me give you 4 simple or not so simple ideas which you can use to grab time from your daily schedule that you can devote to reading.

Priceless Humor of Our Times

You can’t buy it, rob it, find it or bully it out of your fat old neighbor. Truth be told, the legacy of priceless humor has been considered a myth through ages, more engrossing than a campfire story about Mike Myers beheading a sock puppet.

Blame it on the Testosterone

This is a very funny article delineating, once again, the differences between men and women. Either sex will have a lot of fun with this one.

Bumper Sticker Ideas – Humor Right in Front of You

I’ll tell you what’s addicting: writing bumper sticker lines. As you peruse the ones that I have written below, try to imagine them on the car bumper driving right in front of you. That’s what I do. We’ve all seen stickers that made us tailgate so we could read them. Bumper stickers really help to define us as a culture.

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