Adam Ray Roasts Logan Paul’s Love Life – IMPAULSIVE EP. 295

Humping Dog Pen Drives – Fun With Friends and Computers

Many people say dogs are extremely loyal to humans and make great company. While this is true you may be surprised to find that they can also be very affectionate towards computers. Because there’s a special breed called USB humping dogs.

Mating Pigeons

Some animals have insanely complex mating rituals. Staring at each other for hours, days even, motionless. Others engage in dances that were choreographed hundreds of thousands of years ago and are so difficult to execute correctly the species has almost gone extinct (how’s that for natural selection).Still others -mostly primates like us- seem to do practically nothing else than engaging in some sort of never ending ritual that hopefully leads to sex every now and then.My God, imagine

Russo’s Revenge

My irritating friend, Paul Russomana, achieves top high school status in the early 1960s — almost

So, You Fell in Love With a Vampire

So, you fell in love with a vampire. Congratulations! Now, here are a few tips and some advice on how to survive the first intimate encounter.

Funniest Joke in the World – What is It?

Have you ever wondered what the funniest joke in the world is? Well read on and you’ll find out!

Remote Controls – A Survival Guide For Spouses

An article depicting the humorous side to remote control ownership. There is a featured, self-promoting, electronic device lurking in every household that spouses and children should be aware of. It is a device that has no shame and slyly puts all cohabitants of its residence on notice.

About Laughter

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” Laughter is a physiological and audible reaction. When we laugh our brain sends signals to our body so that we start moving our arms and our facial muscles are contracting. Laughing is an expression of joy and pleasure and it can start from stimuli like tickling or a joke.

Red Ants! They Are Ferocious!

It is funny how as kids we just take in everything our older siblings tell us as the bible truth. Coming from a family of eight kids we sure had a lot of stories that we told each other. I had two older brothers that were really bad at making things up, and of course, we believed every word they told us. Well, one such story involved killer red ants! I almost lost a friend over this one…but at that age we were quick to forgive.

What a Cute Little Pumpkin

I have always been attracted to the nostalgia of years gone by; the crisp look of a shirt with cuff links, the comforting crackle of an old time radio broadcast, the smell of a freshly painted white picket fence; all of these relics resonant with a warmth that reminds me of the goodness of America. The ties to tradition are entreating; homemade fresh apple pie, cheering the home team at a community baseball game, and sharing pictures of cherished children that make us swell with pride. Tradition has been turned on its head.

George Carlin Quotes – A Mixture of Social Commentary, Human Observation and Wordplay

In 2008 the late comedian, actor and writer George Carlin was awarded the Mark Twain Prize which is a lifetime achievement award presented every year to deserving comedians. At the time the award was announced Carlin said “Thank you Mr. Twain. Have your people call my people.” Unfortunately just four days after the award was announced George Carlin died.

How You Know When You Have Writer’s Block – A Good Laugh is the First Solution

Most writers have experienced this well known state of mindlessness. You know you have writer’s block when your muses have clocked out and a blank screen remains blank despite all possible efforts. When things get this extreme, the laughable moments are obvious. When writer’s block happens, solutions are available, though.

Celebrity Scandals For Free

Want to understand the psychology of celebrity scandals and those celebrity jerk moments? Keep reading….

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