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Life Can Be Funny – And Should!

Do we really need humor? How important is laughter in our lives? For many years, we knew humor was fun, and laughter made us feel better, but we didn’t know the full story. Recent studies at University Of Md. Medical School point towards laughter being not just important, but pertinent to our health, job, relationships.

Rufus, the Dog Who Went to Church

During the course of someone’s career in the ministry, many interesting and unforgettable stories are experienced. Peter and his family would never have imagined that one of their most memorable stories centered on their dog, Rufus.

The Sacrificial Tuna

I love tuna fish sandwiches. My mother made me tuna fish sandwiches. Hence, I love my mother.

The Golden Rule

My first time in a gay bar. This story could also be classified under the category, “True Life Horror Stories.”

Dying For a Vacation

Funerals have become so heteronormative. Let’s mix things up!

A Fond Farewell

They said till death do they part. If only everyone took their vows so seriously.

A Fond Farewell

They said till death do they part. If only everyone took their vows so seriously.

Santa Clausowitz

Santa Clause has a secret. And it’s not about his bowl full of jelly.

How to Be Funny

The fact that everybody can without any troubles improve the ability to be funny is close to unbelievable, yet surely correct. Before we begin, I shall tell you how psychologists have explained why people find some things amusing.

Delegate Your Work to the Temp

Ah yes, the temp; we’ve all held the title or been acquainted with this person at some point. These breed of workers are best known for their high tolerance for disrespect and canine style obedience to superiors. Since they are temps their state of mind tells them that everybody in the company is their superior.

Fair is a Place

Kids are always whining about how unfair life is. When I was growing up, I was told that “fair is a place where men go to throw cow pats to win prizes”. I’ve also heard “fare is what people pay to ride the bus”. Either way, the point is that life just isn’t fair; at least not in the way we’d like it to be.

Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered

Driving to pick up my son from a friend’s house this afternoon, I saw a group of men gathered in a yard. These men had fashioned a couple of small ramps out of plywood and some other odds and ends. The ramps were facing each other. At the time I was driving by, the men appeared to be standing around discussing how to utilize their creations. I saw this and I was reminded that wherever two or more are gathered… there’s bound to be trouble.

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