‘America Issues Stimulus Package’ Our PhDs Breakdown the details

Blue Smoke Became a Costly Event

The insurance company had the last say. He thought it was all over when the blue smoke cleared. Wrong!

Fish on a Car Office Prank

This is an office prank that I pulled on some people that I worked with. We might have taken it a little to far though.

Try Good Clean Jokes at the Office

There are clean jokes and there are dirty jokes. Many of us don’t care for the dirty jokes because they can be crude. The clean ones are more popular and are the best things to send to other people and put a smile on their face.

If You Can Laugh at it, You Can Survive It

With the current economic downturn, Bill Cosby has some good advice. If you can laugh at it you can survive it.

If We Were Movie Stars, Would We Send Christmas Cards?

Let’s pretend we’re famous Hollywood movie stars. You are, say, Angelina Jolie (who else would you be with those pouty lips of yours?), and I’m Cloris Leachman . . . I can’t help it, I always go for the giggles rather than the glamour.

The Legend of Bouncing Betty – Soapwort

How Betty wanted to welcome her future neighbors as she headed West to the new America. A sign of hospitality was left behind and Soapwort became a stable of the pioneers.

Shoot Me!

Years ago I witnessed the delivery of one, which would become many, “Show Stopping” phases ever to be spoken in a Quick Lube, or any other business for that matter. The shop was busy and the “music” from vacuums, oil guns, general shop talk and the like, all playing in harmony, filled the air while multiple vehicles were being serviced.

The Funniest Videos Ever – And How They Can Make You Smile

You Tube stands out as the social network of choice if you want to find the funniest videos ever. You tube has given this world a very special thing. the ability to laugh no matter where we are in the world.

A Brief History of British Stand-Up Comedy

In the UK the 1960s saw the growth of satire boom, including the creation of The Establishment Club, which, amongst other things, gave British audiences their first taste of extreme American stand-up comedy from Lenny Bruce. In the 1970’s the growth of stand-up comedy in the UK was fuelled by local working men’s clubs, where the style of humour was of the smutty crude mother in law style, often with quite racist in content, and much of which would be considered unacceptable today.

King Google Searches For New Keywords, Or – Can You Patent Your Own Name?

Can Google “dislike you” for being rude about it, and decide to punish you by fudging your stats so you don’t get any new click-ees? Google is a verb, and since the name is owned, Google is the only one that truly does its own thing. Can you un-google, and if so, where does the most popular one rank?

Perfumery As a Necessity

Perfumery did not come into creation as a way to smell better but as a way to mask body odor due to religious practices in the medieval ages but it has prospered since. Fragrance was used to please the masses by the Emperors and Royalty throughout the history of civilization.

Huge Life Lesson Learned From a Goofy College Freshman

Sometimes you learn big, humongous life lessons in the weirdest of places, from the most unlikely of people. One of my biggest, most important lessons ever came from the weirdest, goofiest college freshman I’ve ever met.

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