Andrew Schulz Is Uncancellable – IMPAULSIVE EP. 246

How to Be Funny Part 7 – How the “Karate Bikini” Song Saved My Weekend

This past weekend I had a big, blowout fight with my girlfriend. It was one of those that was so bad that we both had no problem with breaking the old rule about never going to bed upset. The next morning there was lots of tension in our hotel room and during breakfast. Bad times.

Techniques For Outsmarting Smell

Fact is, if you think I smell under false pretenses, you’re probably not going to want to hang out with me, let alone touch me, and going to spread the word that I made the bathroom smell so bad you thought you were going to die or throw up or both. So when Satan attacks your output and sticks his unholiness on it, you have to do your best to make sure no one ever knows that Rosemary’s Baby came from you.

How to Be Funny – Part 8 – Comedy Loves Conflict

Try to imagine The Three Stooges without all of the slaps, pokes, and punches. You can’t do it. It just doesn’t work. Virtually everything this great comedy trio did revolved around one guiding principle: comedy loves conflict.

Veni, Vidi, Vici, Vacation

I remember vacations as a kid. They were cruel and unusual punishment. Our folks planned them for late summer in an attempt to ready us for the onslaught of school. My baseball season would be winding down, and the tanker truck of tanning lotion running low for my two sisters, who hung out at the municipal pool and tormented college guys who were unfortunate or stupid enough to attend summer school.

Treasure Island

We came by train to this manmade island under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a place where sailors were imprisoned while the naval bureaucracy arranged for transportation to their final destination. It was Treasure Island, more commonly known as TI.

How to Be Funny – Part 6 – Knowing What’s NOT Funny

Have you ever told the same joke, you know your “signature line”, to two different people on two different occasions and had one laugh and the other look at you like you were crazy? In your journey to be funny you need to know that there are some lines that just should not be crossed. Some subjects are just too over the top, too taboo, and will make people too uncomfortable when you talk about them. The sobering fact is that they are just not funny and should be avoided like the plague.

The Best Kind of Fight is a Food Fight

Ever wondered if there was more behind what makes a good food fight or the thought behind what drives a food fight to occur? Well, I think I’ve got some interesting food for thought or instead food for fight awaiting you in this article. Don’t hesitate, take a look now.

The More I Read the More Worthless I Feel

That’s it! I am breaking up with my women’s magazines! Instead of making me feel empowered, they are making me feel less than worthy!

How to Be Funny – Part 2 – Change the Assumption

Anyone can become funny. It’s really easy when you think about it. Most of the time when you are hanging out with friends or family and the laughs are flowing it is probably because someone is using the technique I’m about to share with you with even knowing it.

How to Be Funny – Part 4 – Use Outrageous Comparisons and Associations

Having a vivid imagination will take you very far if you want to learn how to be funny. Not everyone can be as wild and zany as Jim Carrey but that shouldn’t stop you from pushing the limits and seeing what you can come up with. Using what I like to call “outrageous comparisons and associations” can help you along in this process.

Toilet Humor – Novelty Items and the Psychology of Bathroom Comedy

Bathroom humor has been around for ages and is especially strong amongst many college students and individuals with a comedic flair for offbeat pranks around toilet novelty items. So what is it that draws an individual to adorn their bathroom with toilet paper that has barbed wire imprinted on it?

Funny Life Quotes to Keep the Fun and Humor Alive

Go Online and you will come across hundred of thousand of funny life quotes. Whether you want to brighten up your day, lighten up the things or want to burst yourself with laughter, you will find all sort of funny quotes on internet.

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