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I’ve operated a home based business for the past seven years and I’m a success. I’m successful beyond my wildest dreams. I’m so successful in fact that I’m in a position to share with other home business entrepreneurs the secret to my success.

Clothes Make The Woman

Men and women are doing more things the same in our society these days. However, there is still a big difference in their attitudes toward clothes and the way they dress. You never know what a woman is going to wear.

Funny Jokes: Hilarious And Good For You, Too!

People say that laughter is the best medicine. Truer words have never been spoken. Laughter has a way of being almost magical. It can immediately change a person’s mood, it can break the ice in an awkward situation, it can pretty much be used as a positive tool in almost any situation. If laughter is therapeutic, then funny jokes are one prescription that anyone should be able to prescribe.

Playing With Prefixes

Playing with prefixes can be a great fun. It leads to new insights and a lot of laughs.

Oxymoron: Politically Correct Sense of Humor

Imagine having to live in a world that is worse than all the wars, all the holocausts, all the famines, all the droughts, all the negativity you can imagine! What is worse than all these together is having to live in a politically correct world where your politically incorrect sense of humor AND your opinion about what qualifies as humor is outlawed! Welcome to 2012!

Four Words That Men Fear The Most

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a man more then these four words. These words have been known to bring men to their knees leaving them weeping in a pool of tears. These words have crushed men in the four corners of the world.

How To Stay Alive During A Zombie Attack

So you are able to survive many natural disasters, but can your survive if zombies attack? Here are some things you may want to consider or do in case of a zombie attack.

Make Halloween A Monthly Event With A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Experience the thrill of dressing up more than one time per year. Here are some basic tips to integrate a murder mystery game into your daily life to make Halloween come more often.

No Such Thing As Fun for the Whole Family

Of all of the blogging, posting, tweeting and smoke signaling I do, the commentary that gets the most feedback is always the stories of my family. I’d like to think it’s because you identify. You find humor in my family because it resonates with your own families generation gaps. I am willing to admit that it’s actually because, much like a train wreck, you can’t look away from the madness.

I Can’t Get Rid Of Old Books

What do you do with the old books you have lying around? Do you burn them? that wouldn’t be nice. If you’re sentimental like me, you’ll wind up keeping them.

Halloween Is For Grownups

Once upon a time in our collective distant memory – or maybe just on TV, which is more or less the same thing – October meant apple cider, jack o’ lanterns, and small children in witch hats toting pillow cases full of candy. Now we know fall has arrived when temporary Halloween stores start popping up in every empty storefront in America – which, in these dismal times, means pretty much everywhere. Go into one of these stores and you will see costumes that can only be described as sexy (unless you prefer the more colloquial “skanky”): sexy nurse, sexy pirate, sexy vampire.

It Wasn’t the Butler – Don’t Tell!

Whodunits have some of the best villains, but describing them is a no-no. For this reason, locality takes precedence in the sales pitch.

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