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Finding the Funny Zone in Comedy

This is an article about comedy; how to build your career and what it means to be funny. Including important tips and advice from a professional comedy artist.

Union Leaders – Do Some of Them Go to Hell? (Satire)

Barney, who had been a union leader most of his working life, suddenly died and when he entered the spirit world he figured since he had done so much to help the common worker, he should receive a warm welcome in heaven. So he set off for the Holy Hill where heaven was. When he got there the gates to heaven were closed.

Archie Ryan and the Sidehill Gougers

Have you heard of the Sidehill Gouger? Some folks say they never existed. I’m an old-time logger, and I met old Archie at a logging camp many years ago, and he told me this story.

Which One is Not Hearing?

“Laughter Is The Brush That Sweeps Away The Cobwebs Of The Heart” ~ In our busy world humor is vitally needed to bring a sense of balance into all of our lives. We, as humans, need humor. Take a moment and enjoy this one.

Ostriches to You

Ostriches are grossly under appreciated. They have a number of redeeming features. Great plumage and big thighs for example, thighs that make great drumsticks.

The Exploitationist Manifesto – A Management Revolution For Our Times

Managers of the world, exploit! You have nothing to lose but your pathetic, replaceable goons.

Adult Reading Rates on the Rise Thanks to Ease in Difficulty Levels

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is crediting the steadily eroding reading levels and puerile plot structures of modern literature for a trend-reversing upsurge in U.S. adult reading rates. Ani Adagio, chairman of the NEA, is convinced the upward trend is due solely to relaxed readability levels and “remedial plot structures.”

The Many Ways to See Favorite Shirtless Male Celebrities

Celebrities have to be accustomed to the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. Gone are the days when they can sit idly at a coffee shop, and just enjoy the time pass quietly by.

How to Get Lint Off a Shirt

There I was half an hour before my interview standing in my apartment complex laundry room with my only dress shirt covered in lint. Towels in a dryer shed like Siamese cats and unfortunately I had mixed a couple in the load with my shirt.

Jeff Dunham Tickets – The Amazing Voices Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham – like many other comedians – will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Jeff however, does have a bit of a different niche. He uses puppets in his comedy acts; he can plead innocent to any crude remarks, as it is usually the puppet making them. His tours sell out quickly forcing management to add additional appearances. Jeff is performing many live shows, has sold millions of DVDs, and has recently reached the multi-million sales mark.

The World of Funny and Strange Awards

Everyone loves to win an award but sometimes you want to be careful of what you wish for because you may just get it. Winning an award is always fun and it is nice to be recognized. Maybe you won employee of the month at work or perhaps your civic work caused your community to recognize you with an outstanding citizen award. But not every award is one you want to put on your mantle and show off to your family and friends.

Saving a Seat at the Table

Everyone wants a Senate seat so I thought I might throw my hat in the ring. But after careful consideration I decided that Caroline Kennedy can have mine. I really don’t want this seat anyway. My furniture is way more comfortable and requires less stress and politically savvy social skills.

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