Behind The Lens Of Hollywood’s Youngest Photographer – IMPAULSIVE EP. 244

I Was Going to Learn Chinese But I Have to Learn Texting First – Bummer?

When we listen to the media in China, they keep telling us that the recession is over and they’ve had over 6% growth rate this year in their GDP. Personally, I don’t believe it, I believe it to be more like 4.25% by my calculations, and I’m quite worried about the fact that they are giving too many loans, and thus see a problem with their economy overheating, and inflationary risks with the Yuan.

Why Pranks Are Awesome While Jokes Are Kind of Meh

Have you ever wondered why pranks are so cool? Here is a philosophical discourse on the matter.

Korea to Launch Online Bingo Sites Aimed at America Bingo Players

The US government issued a stern warning to North Korea today telling them to withdraw plans to open internet based bingo sites aimed directly at American bingo players. This comes after information was received in Washington that the North Koreans are configuring sophisticated bingo software, probably sourced in Syria or Pakistan.

World Bingo Ball Crisis – Update – UK and USA Online Bingo Sites Win Out

After the big bingo demonstrations seen in the UK and USA it’s now the turn of Ping Pong players to complain. Reports are coming in that UK and USA bingo players are looting ping pong sports halls and taking all their ping pong balls. Although unconfirmed, some bingo players have also taken marker pens and colored spray paint for uses unknown.

Don’t Miss Your Exclusive Sneak Preview of the Bush Library at SMU!

Here is your change to get an early tour of an attraction that is causing excitement across the globe. Most past presidents have Libraries, but George W. Bush had other ideas.

Smile Everyday With Funny Life Quotes

A good smile is magic pill that can make you feel good in every circumstances of life. It is something that helps you mitigate all kind of stress whether it is from personal life or professional life and gives you courage and motivation to successfully tackle all the situations with positive attitude. When you smile out loud, you forgot all your tension and this helps you in living your life to fullest in terms of enjoyment and happiness. By reading and sharing funny life quotes you can make everyone smile around you.

An Expensive Proposal – Getting Down on One Knee Isn’t What it Used to Be

Romance, It used to be so simple. I could get away with a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, a romantic dinner for out anniversary and something that glittered for her birthday. Nowadays I’m being showed up by my own children every time. Nowadays a marriage proposal is almost as complicated as directing a Spielberg movie and almost as costly.

How Can a Comedy Booking Agency Help You Make Your Event Unforgettable?

Belonging to the corporate world doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun. All work and no play and all of that stuff, means that fun should be incorporated in the workplace from time to time. Everyone likes to laugh and have fun. The work that the employees of your company work hard to make it successful. Showing appreciation by having a night of entertainment is a great way to show appreciation.

You Will Be the Corporate Hero If You Call on a Comedy Booking Agency For Your Entertainment

The holiday season is here and the boss has turned to you for this year’s entertainment. Every year has always been the same thing. Keynote speaker after dinner which has a little office humor. Often times, people get up and leave in the middle or are beginning to look bored and thinking about where they would rather be. You decide that this year, since it is your decision for the entertainment to contact a Comedy Booking Agency and get the best possible entertainment.

A Comedy Booking Agency Can Spice Up Any Event From Corporate to College Entertainment

When trying to find a good comedy act for a corporate, comedy club, or a Christian function that you have planned. A good Comedy Booking Agency to guarantee that you will have entertainment that will be appropriate and use good, clean jokes will give your guests an enjoyable event that they will talk about for weeks and months to come.

Stand Up Comedy Talent Needs to Be Carefully Matched to the Show

What is the best type of comedian to perform at an event? It is going to make a difference as to the audience. If stand up comedy is the desired form of entertainment then there is a nice variety to select from. Celebrities who perform stand up routines may be those who don’t come with jokes but who draw from real life experiences. Others will have jokes but are able to pull from the audience and engage them in the process.

It’s a Conspiracy – The Appliance Flu

It all started pretty innocently. I got up, brushed my teeth, kissed the wife, rushed off to work and sat at my desk sipping a tasteless cup of coffee counting the hours till the weekend. Then the phone rang. The Washing machines gone I’m all for humor that early in the morning. Where’s it gone to? You can laugh but the downstairs bedroom is flooded and Mini (the dog – see earlier blog) is taking swimming lessons on the balcony. It could be worse. And of course it was.

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