Belle Delphine Stars In Her First Adult Movie – IMPAULSIVE EP. 242

10 Things to Ponder

People don’t ponder anymore and that is a shame. So, in order to kick-start this interesting thought process, here are ten things to ponder.

Interesting Facts About Vinegar! Did You Know

Vinegar can be used for many different things. Check out these fun facts to see if you can use it in a new way.

How to Make Funny Song Parodies in a Jiffy?

You want to learn how to write a funny song parody? It does not have to be difficult. Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way.

Bullying Humor

Manifestations of humor are limitless. As we progress in life we go on experiencing encounters of the humor kind. And, sometimes we get forced into it for no fault of ours, but for seemingly good reasons.

The Height of Their Fame

I’ve always been fascinated by discrepancies between the officially-stated and the actual height of celebrities. I’m talking specifically about male film stars. The ticket-buying public doesn’t seem to care if Angelina Jolie is 5’2″ or 5’11” but plenty of Terminator fans would love to know if Arnold Schwarzenegger is really 6’2″.

Did You Know That Some Men Can Breastfeed! Find Out What Other Crazy Facts I Reveal

Did You Know that men with a certain rare medical condition can breastfeed babies. Also, Abe Lincoln bought 50 cents worth of cocaine in 1860.

How to Tell a Joke is a Business Skill

Discover today how to persuade, influence, and convince clients, buyers, and adversaries with these simple, three steps to success. Do not leave these pages without learning how to win over listeners.

Feel Better With Funny T-Shirts

Aside from making people feel good, funny tees have also become a fashion phenomenon. Even celebrities have been spotted off cam wearing funny tees which surely helps in making them more popular. Besides, someone who wears a witty thought across his chest is generally viewed as cool.

Bridge Game Stories to Make You Laugh

The late Keith McNeil was one of the best-known and best-liked characters on the Australian bridge scene. He acquired international fame through his often hilarious, invariably witty Bidding Forum, a regular feature of Australian Bridge magazine. While he was the regular bridge columnist for the Adelaide Daily Mail he recited, tongue-in-cheek, his methods for dealing with players with whom he was not on the best of terms.

The Metal Box

On one side of the box was a window and beneath the window was a small sign. It read, “Penny for Your Thoughts”…

Self-Taught and Proud of It

Some may disagree, but I think I’m entirely on the mark when I say that music lessons aren’t for everyone. If Irving Berlin and I could do it then you can, too, if you’ve got the gift.

Sitting on the Moon – An Interview With Superman

Amazing how peaceful it is here. The little blue ball of humanity at our feet. I’m safe – can breathe normally – as long as I stay near Superman. Feels like I can almost dip my feet in the Atlantic! What a rush! Like so many things about Superman, I am forced simply to accept, and do so without a second thought.

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