Breathing for Back Pain

Comic Relief Compliments of the U.S. Government and Attorney General John Ashcroft

Comic relief compliments of the U.S. government and former attorney general John Ashcroft during the senate congressional hearings and inquisition of corruption throughout the Bush administration.

Skyler Stone in the House

He came from a small Michigan town and turned Hollywood upside down. From the moment actor/comedian Skyler Stone arrived in Los Angeles, people stopped and took notice. Never one to fit in with the crowd, being an outcast has become Stone’s greatest asset.

Dave Attell Tickets – Looking to Laugh?

Are you ready to laugh out loud? Do you need a break from the hectic daily work life? If so, you will want to get your hands on a pair of Dave Attell tickets so that you can be sure to make an appearance at one of his next shows.

Rockets and Barbecues, What Do They Have in Common?

Physics really should be taught in grade school. If it were, this disaster might have been averted.

Mosquito Toast

My severely beset upon (after all, he married me) and long suffering husband, Bernd, is allergic to mosquitoes. So am I, but not to the extent that he is. Luckily for him, and not so luckily for me, they seem to like me better.

A Little Comedy Surrounding Autographed Books

I recently ran across a contest where ZUG readers where challenged to place fancy stickers that said, “Signed By Author,” on copies of Prank The Monkey. The contest had over two hundred people who actually signed up for these strange and unusual contest, which was designed by John Hargrave, but it intrigued me so that I had to discover the results and share them with everyone.

Two Ways to “Fix” Things

One summer day, my father decided it was time to take a look at some projects around the house that he had been putting off for a long while. That was his first mistake.

The Comedy Boom of the 80’s and 90’s – What a Creative Time

The 80’s and 90’s were known as the comedy boom and produced today’s top comedy stars. What happened to the great acts that did not become super stars? Many of them have continued to hone their skills and polish there acts.

No Coffee?

Every second that I go without coffee I slowly stop breathing. My life comes to a complete standstill. People move all around me as I continue to glance at my hand, it cupped around empty air in the shape of a coffee mug. Anyone who has gone without a loved one: a favorite pet, a parent or a sister knows this feeling that is beginning to creep into my backbone. I am contemplating so many horrible things that I could do to get coffee. Most beyond what the average person believes to be the line.

This is Not an Essay!

This essay by its very nature couldn’t possibly be an essay. I’ve studied this, researched it to the wee hours of the morning and my conclusion is always the same. It just doesn’t work. An essay must tell the truth, it simply must be honest and show both sides of whatever it happens to be arguing. The problem here is that there is only one side on this argument. So by saying that this isn’t an essay it would have to be lying for it to be one, therefore it is not one. Though if it is not one then it can lie and say that it isn’t one, which makes it one.

More Reasons Why David Letterman Wears White Socks

Some time back I wrote and article on this subject. However, Letterman says his socks are not white. Well, they look white on my television set. They must look white to others too or why would he make the comment. I guess they are gray or light blue or such. Who cares? Don’t they look silly on a man in a dark Brooks Brothers suit?

Moving Mother Nightmares

Moving can be hectic at the best of times. But, you haven’t met my mother.

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