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HOT OFF THE PRESS! New British Comedy Shows for 2014

So you love Dibley, you ador Fawlty, and you can’t live without Porridge. But, if like me, you are a little sick of endless re runs of classics on UK Gold then this is the article for you. It’s easy to think that they just don’t make em like they used to, but with so many channels producing top quality comedy there is as much great new stuff as there has ever been. In fact there are upwards of thirty British comedy shows in production ready to hit the small screen next year. Here’s a roundup of a few.

Lester’s Big Decision

Lester Goodbinder’s life as an accountant revolved around bowling, collecting bugs, and listening to Buddy Holly. Until a joint called “Rippeto’s Rendezvous” called his name, and an extremely attractive woman sitting alone at the bar enticed him into making The Decision that would change his life.

5 Weird Things Which Where Ceased in Airports

Weird things at airports are frequently considered quite important, as it is recognized to be a breach of security. Here are some of the weird things…

The Night Mick Taylor Exploded At The Royal Albert Hall

This is a madcap look at the recent Bluesfest with Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor. It is told from the perspective of two women in the audience, one of them is a drummer.

A Bunch of Strange Online Dating Websites

Online dating websites have turned into a simple way to hang out. Some of these destinations target a specific crowd, for example single-folks, adolescents, persons with 40+ age and numerous more…

My Bucket List – Things to Do Before I Die

A light hearted look at bucket lists. This is my own personal view about things to do before I die that will enrich my life. Reading it will hopefully enrich yours, or at least provide some entertainment. Some content will probably only make sense to a UK audience.

Knock Knock Joke Origins

We all know and have heard several knock knock jokes throughout our lives. But where did these jokes come from?

Jokes That Hurt

It is evident that jokes and humor must be treated like all things and should be used for good, and prejudice/hate should not be acceptable; even in joke form. These jokes have become such a large part of our way of thinking and our entertainment that they are here to stay for now. But we can still combat the feelings and effects created by the history behind these jokes to take away their power.

How To Tell Funny Jokes If You’re A Serious Type

Telling (funny) jokes: it’s more an art, than a technique for you to learn. Look at the bright side of everything and you may notice that the way you look at the world around you have changed. No more Mr or Ms Boring!

A Taste of Karma?

Have you ever gotten a totally dumb song stuck in your head and couldn’t get it out? I don’t mean one of those guilty pleasure songs – I’m talking about a song that is so NOT-YOU that you shouldn’t have any reason to be singing it, humming it, or even thinking about it. That’s what happened to me the other day with a 5th Dimension song called “One Less Bell to Answer.” Singing about pain over not being able to fry eggs and pick up after a man any more? How weird can you get? If you haven’t heard this song before, it’s worth giving it a listen on YouTube.

Things You Need to Learn to Become a Successful Stand Up Artist

Are you one of those who love to practice stand up in front of the mirror? Do you love making people laugh around you? If yes is the answer for the above questions then what is holding you back to take up this field professionally.

The Power of Embarrassment

When doing a liver cleanse, you begin by flushing all the digested food out of your intestines. Why – so when the toxins come out of your liver they will have a good clean path for getting out of you. One of the common potions we use for flushing our intestines is magnesium. If you drink three glasses of water with a heaping teaspoon of magnesium powder in each one, it’s usually enough to give you at least six really good trips to the bathroom. By then you’re DEFINITELY gonna be emptied out.

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