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How to Drive in India and Still Be Alive

India being the world’s only “true” democratic country, it believes in the “freedom of drive” principle in line with other beliefs “freedom of speech”, “freedom of religion”, “freedom of corruption”, “freedom of urinating in public” and so on… The below de-mystifying facts may seem very funny or too outrageous to be true. Nevertheless they are true even if the billion souls protests otherwise.


Those opposing the hunting of foxes with horse and hounds need to rethink their strategy, as the ban appears unworkable. Here in Merry Olde England, the Hunting Act has now been in force for four years, and on any view, has been a complete waste of space.

Funny E-Cards With a Unique Humor

A better way of sending e-cards is sending something with a little humor mixed in. It will bring more than the impression that you have thought of them, it will also bring a smile to their faces.

Why Not Call the First Dog “Crash”

The Obama’s seem to have a tough time naming dogs? Interestingly enough, this might also cause them to have a tough time labeling some of their economic stimulus bills and proposals? Apparently, the Obama family has picked out a dog, a Portuguese Water Dog, but the little obamas picked out a few names, that Mrs. Obama didn’t like? Well, if they are having a tough time, I got the perfect name:

Waiting Tables – Earning a PHD in People Skills

If you look in any server manual, you won’t find any mention of indentured servants or slaves. But for some unknown reason, customers treat servers as if they were second class citizens. They are actually hard workers who have to deal with a lot of unnecessary abuse. A good friend of mine once told me a good waiter will never be unemployed or go hungry.

SMS Jokes and Funny Sayings to Cheer Up Your Mood

It is scientifically proven that in order to stay healthy, both physically as well as mentally, laughter along with active sense of humor is best medicine ever and there is no better way to make you smile than jokes and funny sayings. Jokes can be explained as small stories that end with a laughably startling speech. Jokes give us our daily dosage of laughter and bring gladness and joy in our life.

Learn to Be Funny – The Secrets of Set-Up Lines and Punchlines

Whether you are naturally funny or you have to add humour from an external source, it would be fair to say that you should deliberately learn to be funny. Or, more specifically, you should have an understanding of how your funny works.

I Want to Design a UAV to Go to Starbucks and Pick Up My Latte and Fly it Back!

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are great and yet, what we really need is some serious applications for these robotic flying craft. What if we could buy kits, just like a “do it yourself” remote control (RC) model aircraft, one that you could fly to the Starbucks Drive-Thru to wait in line for you and then dangle the money and grab your latte?

Jeff Dunham – A Master of Hilarious Personality Disorders

Dressmakers design and model clothes on dummies; that’s a whole different department of dummies. Jeff Dunham’s creations are dancing, singing, cussing folks, as real as the guy next door. Ventriloquism is a very old art, and Jeff Dunham has come pretty close to perfecting it. Certainly he’s come close enough for his millions of fans.

The Axeman Cometh

The recent scandal involving peers of the realm allegedly with their snouts in the trough, nothing new there, raises yet again the debate about a second chamber and the pathetic efforts so far to reform it. Time to grasp the nettle and think the unthinkable.

Humor and SMS Jokes to Keep You Always Smile

Humor is vital part of life, including work life and a very substantial in our conversation. The sense of humor is as necessary for keeping your vision healthy and for developing strong relationship.

Funny People Help Make the World Go Round

Funny people are a blessing in this world of misery and war. While their antics can seem insane at times, it is the laughter they bring that keep the rest of us sane.

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