Chantel Jeffries Lost Logan Paul $2,500,000 – IMPAULSIVE EP. 258

How Backgammon Cost Me My Marriage

To be completely honest, I am sure there were other contributing factors, but most of the lawyers and therapists seem to agree that if it hadn’t been for backgammon, our marriage would have been pretty much normal. That’s not to say we wouldn’t be divorced anyway. If she had only listened to me and made the 5 point in our doubles match earlier in the evening, we would have still been playing and I wouldn’t have even met those incredible, amazing, lovely young ladies in the bar.

Boating Politics

I thought I would get political and play the what if game again, purely for giggles. So What if boaters had a political party and with our 70 million plus clout elected a boater president?

Learning Standup Comedy For Today’s Tough Crowd

Just imagine a possible 8 weeks amidst strangers who aren’t influenced by any familiar ties… that alone would allow you to take a good look at your career choice. Supposing that experience has fortified your resolution to pursue your career in the world of comedy, there are certainly great resources you can find right at home to continue honing your comedy writing and delivery skills.

Working it Out

This is a very funny article about exercise and what you can do (humorously) to prevent being overweight. It gives you a very unique look at exercise and will have you laughing all the way.

Short Jokes Are the Best Medium to Create Fun at All Celebrations

We like spending our vacant time in participating in lots of activities. We can not sit idle and try to do some kind of funny activities. But among all activities, short jokes are the best way to utilize the time.

Top 10 Funniest New Years Resolutions

I am always hearing the same New Year’s Resolutions of “working out” and “saving money.” We might not have the heart to say it, but these resolutions are getting kind of boring. This article provides an insightful your year.

Why is Santa So Fat? Uncovering Santa’s Hidden Cookie Addiction – A Christmas Without Santa

Santa has always been a little over weight. I thought it was because he was jolly. But, now new reports are coming out of the North Pole that Santa may not make it for Christmas this year because of his secret cookie addiction.

The Art of Artificial Insemination

This is a humor article about veterinarians who use artificial insemination. It also takes a very funny look at the subject from the animals point of view.

Get the Guts – Do What You Do Best!

Returning from a morning of salt-water fishing at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, my brother hauled in an armload of silvery specimens. Laying them on the kitchen counter, he asked his wife if she would clean the fish. His wife’s eyes widened at the massive mound, but no stranger to work, she said: “No problem”. As soon as his truck left the driveway, my brother’s wife pulled upon every bit of ingenuity she had.

Finding the Suitable Comedy Club Comedians For Any Event

Comedy club comedians are a dime to many. You can find them in all shapes and colors, sizes and qualities.

Winning at the Game of Losing

Are you married to a cheater, been put in jail lately or quit a high public office? If so, your luck is about to turn around. Call it cheaters revenge or quitters high, the thrill of being in trouble titillates publishers. There are huge rewards. The good girls, the law abiding ones, they are not so lucky.

Today’s Weird Experience

Before you read any further, be warned that this is about a once in a life time, or two event. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is dramatic, traumatic and involves antiseptic. Scene set.

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