Chris Distefano: Try Not To Laugh – IMPAULSIVE EP. 264

Hey, How ‘Bout Those Panties?

Not only was I stuck waiting while women tried on clothes (a horror all on it’s own), but I was stuck in the middle of underwear at the same time. So, what do you say to another man while surrounded by women’s underwear? “Hey, how ’bout those panties?” I don’t think so.

Social Life and Indian Cartoonists

India is considered a heaven for cartoonists as it has so many themes to make fun of. Any Indian cartoonist can make so many cartoons on various subjects of the country’s social and political life.

Do Not Just Sit Around and Watch TV – Improve Your Cerebral and Limbic Skills

I wish to introduce myself. I am Alocki, a full professor of space physics at Throop Technical Institute. I am originally from the planet Zatoris.

This Charming Man

Where did they come from…straight men that moisturise and have lots of hair products, straight men who love clothes and the act of shopping for them, straight men with a passion for interior design and decor – straight men who are unashamed to enjoy a lifestyle previously thought of as STEREOTYPICALLY GAY. Well, it isn’t a new idea, that is for sure.

Pile of Pants

There was a time when guys just didn’t have many underwear options. There were briefs and there were boxers, and neither came in styles that were in any way flattering. It didn’t really matter cause what a man chose to put between his crown jewels and trousers was between him, the object of his affections.

Cause Celeb

There she is… she’s on the red carpet, she’s wearing a dress by Versace, and that bag is defo Lulu Guinness, and are those shoes Manolo Blahnik’s… yes yes they are! Oh she looks great.

Camel Poodles

I mean why? Who came up with the idea of turning a pretty pointless breed of dog into a pretty pointless version of a dromedary? Okay someone obviously did. I have no idea what it must feel like to have THAT much time on your hands.

A Good Send Off

From Sherry and a carrot to Curry and a fight. A look at how Hen Parties have developed and changed to become the massive industry they are today. A very British look back to simpler times and bit of a giggle about todays hens.

Yummy, It’s Mummy

A look at the silly pressures we mums put on ourselves to look like supermodels at the school gates! Just WHO are we trying to kid?

Why Guys Have So Much Trouble With Relationships – Our Buddies

The toughest job in the world for most guys is a relationship. The average guy has no idea how to make them work beyond the trial and error method: with heavy emphasis on that error part. It takes many years to figure out the most basic components of a solid relationship because women have always been, and will always be, a mystery to men.

Dear Michael – Faux Advice From a High School (Faux) Advice Columnist (Part I)

Jessie’s Girl? Love triangles? The Great Debate: Team Edward or Team Jacob from Twilight? It’s an age-old question: What do two guys do when they both fall for the same girl? “Dear Michael,” the high school faux advice columnist from an award-winning high school newspaper and the popular blog Semi-True Stories, weighs in as only he can!

How Jokes and Gags Websites Have Changed the Way We Share Humor

The world’s oldest joke dates back around 4000 years and was popular among ancient Sumerians, a University of Wolverhampton study recently found. Other ancient – and rather irreverent – jokes were about pharaohs and Englishmen in the 10th century AD. Jokes were more than a way of making people smile; they were a method of rebelling against established authorities and defying social norms.

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