When the Tables Turned

Magic is a fascinating word for most people. There are stories about people performing magic shows. These days many magic shows are held on small screen and a common person performing magic on the stage gets popular and rich over night. This is also a miracle and no less than a magic. Even great leaders are great artists who can think magical ways to earn name, fame and wealth in short time. The real magic is no cup of tea and only few can perform it and this is how it works.

Laugh Your Way Through Your Kitchen Remodelling Or Construction Vs Destruction – Who Will Win?

Without my sense of humour, I would have become suicidal during my kitchen remodel. If anything could conjur up Murphy’s Law, me touching any power tool conjured it up exponentially! Lift your spirits as I regale you with some of the pitfalls of taking on a project that is oversized with a timeline and capabilities that are undersized!

Talent to Annoy

Here’s an issue that I think is plaguing the world. Talent. Not too much of it, not too little of it, but more so too many people with a little thinking they have a lot. And unfortunately, it’s dragging us down. We’re taking attention away from bigger issues by putting spotlights on those that should have spoken with a career counselor. But it’s not always the untalented person’s fault.

Avoiding April Fool’s Pranks

April’s fools is a common day that people use to play crazy practical jokes. Learn how you can not get caught up in any of it.

Learn How April Fool’s Day Just Began

April Fools Day is a popular prank day among people all over. Learn how the tradition of pranking people on this day began.

The Bravest Peanut

He’s an icon in the food world – an ambassador for salty goodness. His smiling mug has represented first class snacking since 1918. He’s a dapper presence hiding a world of sadness.

That’s The Job I Want!

Occasionally I hear of the most amazing jobs and wonder why the Career Counsellors of my youth never tipped me off to their existence. Maybe they had secret ambitions of their own? I clearly remember the day I explained, to my Career Guidance Counsellor at the fancy Ladies College my Mother paid a fortune for me to attend, that I wanted to be a chef.

5 Words From The ’80s I Don’t Miss

There are many things about living through the 1980s that I miss. Many, many things. There are also a great many things I am so glad are long gone.

The Bieber Phenomenon

Here’s what happened, the year was 2007, It was a slightly breezy autumn night, Mckay and Ferrel were sitting in the living room of their hand-built vacation home, Indian style in their undies, trying to cope with the stress and responsibilities of releasing a movie and creating a website at the same time. Their concentrated energy exertion was so intense that it reached critical mass, causing them both to collapse into a super nova, thus creating the worm hole that would ultimately send them back in time to the beginning of both of their careers, the year 1994.

Book A Comedian To Learn How The Meaning Of Success From A Different Perspective

Why don’t you book a comedian or talk to a successful executive and ask them their own definition of success? You see, the actual definition of success depends on the person who is sought after to describe such.

Bo Obama Blames Barney Bush for Dog Poop Found in Rose Garden

18 months after moving into the White House, First Dog Bo Obama today blamed predecessor Barney Bush for a large pile of dog poop found buried in the White House Rose Garden. “Clearly, this mess was made before I got here,” said a panting Bo during an impromptu exchange with reporters following an exhausting game of fetch on the East Lawn. “I think everyone here acknowledges that the failed pooper-scooper policies of the previous administration have led to this,” exclaimed Bo.

The Hardships Of Clean Comedians To Be Successful

Ask some clean comedians if it is easy being successful in their chosen field. The answers you get may surprise you.

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