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What is Improv Comedy?

Improve comedy is comedy made right before your very eyes. Absolutely no scripts, no memorized dialogue, no rehearsed scenes: solely wild ideas, a lot of energy, along with your ideas.

The Day Today – This Is The News!

The Day Today as with so many other British comedies produced precious few episodes, but the proportionate impact of those six episodes has been immense. Originally aired in early 1994 following the success of their radio prelude On The Hour, The Day Today covered the news, and by extension the news industry, with surreal accuracy. With Chris Morris providing an eerily accurate impression of Jeremy Paxman in a studio that bore a striking resemblance to ITN’s News At Ten set of the time, one of the show’s great strengths was the casual viewer could flick through and not realise…

I Really Hope You Never Meet a Washing Machine Engineer Like This!

My day usually begins at about 5.30 am, when I first start hitting the alarm clock. After about 3 hours of this, the alarm clock gives up and phones my wife, who knowing me quite well by now asks ” I can see your eyes are open, but are you actually awake?”

Freedom of Choice – Multi-Grain Or Moon Pies

Do you just feel better when you purchase something that says multi-grain? I shut down the part of my brain that knows to check the ingredient label to verify the first listed ingredient says the word: whole grain.

Writing Political Comedy – An Intro to Laughing at Your Politics and the American Political System

This is an introduction to writing political jokes. The article focuses on helping people find humor in their own politics before ripping the other side a new one. Creating laughter is a good way of bringing people together when there is a clear divide, just as in American Politics.

Know When to Walk Away

With all the ways we can communicate these days it’s too easy to get stuck in a truly stupid conversation. This handy guide will show you how to avoid losing a few brain-cells by avoiding these talks all together.

I Joined a Dating Site the Other Day – The Questions They Asked Me Were Really Hard

I decided to join a Dating Site the other day. They sent me this questionnaire and asked me to complete and return it to them so they could find my ideal Match.

Value of a Good Clean Joke

Good clean joke is true humor, something funny, possibly hilarious in a tasteful way. A good joke may make fun in a kind silly way, around unusual situations, by blending the ridiculous with regular every day life creating humorous tales. Clean humor is just plain fun.

Top 5 Things That Can Drive You Crazy

When the finances are tight, the stress level rises like a thermometer left outside on a Summers day. Money has a way of magnifying your situation because most problems can be solved with a few more dollars. You’re tired.

Angry Old Lady and Me

As I get older… I’ve become more and more sensitive. And I have this reoccurring fear that I’m going to end up like the angry old cat lady who just stares and stares at people as they pass by and just when they think they’ve avoided contact with her, she yells, “My street!!! You’re pounding on it!! Geeeet off!”

Responsibility and the Fear of Cats

I learned about responsibility by being completely irresponsible. Early-twenties-summers-day-ago, I was feeling lonely and making money at the same time – a bad combination. On this particular summer day, I was feeling lonely and had money when I walked by PETCO.

Where One Can Put There Funny Videos

Be Welcome to my video blog and enjoy my collection of funny videos, funny pranks, funny commercials and also some of the interesting videos.

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