Cooking is a Skill

The Dangers of Office Parties

It was December when I got my first real job after college. I had only worked at the place for about two weeks when I received a formal invitation to the department’s holiday party. Up until that point in my life, I had only been vaguely aware that companies gave holiday parties, and I really didn’t know what to expect.

Lame Duck Living

Everyone is labeling today’s politics (and president) as a Lame Duck. But if you think about it ducks are not so lame. They mate for life, are clean and family oriented and have beautiful hair color without the help of Clairol. Ducks are getting a bad rap – and they’re not making a big quacking deal about it.

The Funniest Videos on the Web and Their Core Truths

There is a reason why numerous video websites are extremely popular amongst young and old people all around the world. People Love to see the the funniest videos as well as see what the newest crazy things that people are coming up with just to get a laugh. But what it is that takes a video out of the amusing category and puts it into the truly funniest video category?

Jeff Dunham – One of the World’s Funniest Ventriloquists

One of Jeff’s sidekicks is Walter, a grumpy old man who doesn’t bother to hold back his opinions. His facial characteristics are perfectly crafted to portray his permanently disgruntled personality.

You Didn’t Run Fast Enough

This is a short story from my childhood recollection. Being the youngest of five children back in the days before video games, AOL, MySpace and Facebook meant that I was after-school entertainment for my older siblings and their friends.

Black & White

I was barely out of my teens when I spotted the first strand of white in my hair. The score (rather toll) read: nine black beauties for one grisly white geezer. “Attack the problem at the very root,” she said, and it will not raise its head again.” Five years down the line my hair became salt and peppered.

Yes Virginia, Santa Does Text!

As a CEO , I played Santa Claus on our social network. With the use of text messaging, Google and UPS – I achieved superpowers and made a joyous holiday for a family.

To Go Or Not to Go – Chapleau Vs Texas

“To Go or Not To Go” is always the dilemma I am faced with when even considering a few nights out of town. It’s not that my children are small; it’s that my responsibilities are plentiful and my organizational skills are pint-sized.

A Solution to the High Cost of College

This article is in a 1950’s time capsule. I never planned on going to college simply because I was not good at school things and I knew it. However I did go to college and how I got there is interesting. The summer after my forth year of high school, my uncle had a management job in a local brewery.

History of the High Five

The high five is way past trend status. It is a part of our culture. While our youth, and certain Presidential candidates “pound” it, this may still be just a trend. The high five is forever.

How to Be Energy Conscious

Picture this… I’m relaxed and seated comfortably reading my favorite newsletter and in walks this guy huffing and puffing. It was like he had just run a marathon. I doubt he did though by looking at his size and stature.

Halloween (In)Justice

As a faculty member at a local university I sometimes have students ask me where I live. I am leery of this, especially at Halloween time. Years ago, when I was a new faculty member, I had a colleague that enjoyed having students hit his house with toilet paper.

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