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Federal & State Governments Will Begin Paying Tax Refunds in Lottery Tickets and Gaming Chips

How great an idea is that?! Have the Feds and the states pay tax refunds in your choice of lottery tickets or gaming chips. That would give us all hope for the future! We appear to have zero chance of improving our stations in life as it is, so why not just get it over with and gamble away our tax refunds the same way Federal and state governments have already gambled away everything else we’ve paid out to rescue their partners on Wall Street and Corporate America?

Why Oil Spills Are Good For Us

Why are oil spills good for us? Jobs, silly. It takes a lot of people to clean off birds and a whole lotta other tainted stuff. Plus, there are already way too many birds and sea life in general. A few less birds and plankton never hurt anybody. And all that other underwater life: Who cares about something that doesn’t impact you directly? And, like we don’t already have beaucoup fish and plants down there where we really can’t see ’em anyway. Out of sight, out of mind. Nothing wrong with that.

Wall Street Hires Market Psychiatrist

The Stock Market has become one of the most wildly erratic entities ever seen. That’s why I give them huge kudos for hiring a Market Psychiatrist.

Why I Refuse to Become a Highly Paid Sports Star

I had contemplated becoming a high paid sports star, but when I see all that’s happening to them in their personal lives, well, no way for me. If I were to become, say a really rich NFL quarterback or very successful PGA golfer, I would risk being exposed to a lifestyle that would insure my downfall.

Good ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

Come find out how you can ask the best would you rather questions! It is boring to ask would you rather questions that people can easily answer!

Raisins Are People

My son’s first field trip with my job as a chaperone. An alternate description would be: How to horrify children while entertaining yourself.

16 Funny, Clean Jokes – Take 2 and Go to Work

Do you find yourself whistling and humming at work not to the tune of Happy Days are Here Again but to Take This Job and Shove It! Then read all 16 of these jokes, take 2 a day and tell them to your boss, co-workers or anyone who will listen. Soon you’ll lighten your load and find yourself singing Zippity Doo Dah.

How to Convince Your Wife You Need an iPad

So about that iPad. You want it. You think about it several times a day. Maybe she thinks about it less. But here’s the key: she wants it too.

Do Not Get Too Tan and Come to Arizona

I live in Arizona, the anti-immigration capital of the United States. I am worried about getting too good of a suntan for fear of being asked for my proof of citizenship. And, knowing how the wheels of our state government turn, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that through enough quirky mishaps, I could end up being deported.

Top Three Ways to Cheer Yourself Up Using Funny Quotes

It’s OK to feel sad and gloomy sometimes, for it was the sad moments of life that makes us realize our true potential. But it’s not OK to feel gloomy for a too long period of time for it can literally suck our life. Read funny quotes when you find it to difficult to get out of blues.

Three Classic Car Pranks That Almost Always Work

Cars are classic prank targets, at least in part because there are so many of them around and people who own them generally consider them essential. The term often used is “my car” instead of “the car” as people also feel ownership towards their car, making pranks more effective as well. Here are a few classic pranks.

How to Parody an Infomercial

It was Andy Warhol who clairvoyantly declared “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” The Internet has born witness to a meteoric rise of video-sharing websites, allowing absolutely anyone to gain tremendous attention for virtually anything.

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