Countdown to KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

Performing Tips For Stand Up Comedians

As a stand up comedian, you should need to be different so that people will notice. Plus, in case you did say something out of turn, you are unsure how some participants in the crowd might interpret it.

How Stand-Up Comedians Can Get Into TV Or Film

There are several stand-up comedians that have become successful and popular. Their achievement has led them to do television sitcoms based on their story. When you have an agent and start getting recognized, you can start really making a good reputation yourself.

Considerable Tips For Stand-Up Comedians

As a stand-up comedian, you simply will not constantly perform things right. Obviously, nobody’s perfect either.

A Message From Your New Governor – That Speech in Full – Part Three

Plans to bring education, education, education to all the people of these islands are moving ahead quite smoothly. Once again, we have the cunning minds of the Temple of Dementia (sub-temple of Dumandumma) to thank for new, innovative education methods with which we hope to keep illiteracy levels rising on a healthy trend.

I Have a Couple of Days to Spare – I Know, Why Don’t I Call My Cable Company?

Thank you for calling Vericon Broadband. In order to help you better we have some options for you. If you are able to hear this message, there is nothing wrong with your line, so please hang up now.

A Message From Your New Governor – That Speech in Full – Part One

As you know my predecessor, Gordonicus Laborius (a.k.a. “Gordonicus the terrible because he was, well, bloody terrible) has obligingly fallen on his sword and it has been my honour, along with my cohorts of the Coalitium Desperandum, to have been chosen by the Emperor for elevation to high office via the Festival of Dupus Electus. I have accordingly taken over the reins of power of this troubled Province.

The Life and Times of a Washing Machine Call Centre Operative

Working in a Washing Machine Repairs Call Centre has its funny moments. It’s even better when you are clearly bored and you know you can’t be sacked because nobody else will do it.

A Message From Your New Governor – That Speech in Full – Part Two

As you know, a great deal of heroic mendacity and manipulation, not to mention drugging, went into re-establishing the Empire along with a great deal of human sacrifice, which I am sure the sacrifices would have been only too pleased to make, had they been given a choice. It has been pointed out to me that, unfortunately, empires – or indeed human sacrifice – are difficult if not impossible gigs to pull off if you hang around waiting for permission because there is always the danger that you won’t get it.

Hey Cartoonists – The Fans Need Closure!

What IS it about Cartoonists that when they decide to stop drawing a strip they REFUSE to give the fans Closure?? The creator of Cathy did this, and I didn’t like it, did YOU??

Galvanized Bees

I hesitate to write this because it really lets the people who read this know how clueless I can be. That said, it also lets them know I’m capable of laughing at myself and have done so quite a bit since this happened. First, let me say that I really, really hate spiders and bees.

10 Reasons Childhood Beats Adulthood

Movie marathon sleepovers ran up to the finish line – No one would dare close an eye until the last movie played and the popcorn was finished. Today if any adult makes it past the first movie without falling asleep, it is considered a fun-filled evening.

Priest Wins Fishing Tournament – Catches Holy Mackerel

Traverse City has become a hot destination spot during the summer. It’s fame reaches wider than the National Cherry Festival and its plentiful wineries. It is also referred to as Michigan’s Golf Coast, but the biggest attraction this Summer was on Lake Michigan Wednesday morning, as Father Earl Knickers caught a whopping 40 pound mackerel, breaking the old record set 3 years earlier.

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