Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife…

How Do Santa’s Elves Spend Their Free Time?

Have you ever wondered how Santa’s elves spend their free time and unwind after a long day at the work shop? Research has shown that after the Christmas season is over the elves spend their time soaking away their aches and a pain in a soothing tub full of bubbles and their scent of choice is Apple Cinnamon.

3 Funny Christmas Quotes Ideas to Enjoy

Are you looking for funny Christmas quotes and sayings? As we get closer to the New Year and Christmas holidays, you may look for funny ideas to make this special day more fun and entertaining for your family and loved ones. Find out more.

Stranger Than Fiction: Incredible Coincidences

Some coincidences are so incredible, they sound like they must have come from the pages of a novel instead of real life. These random acts can be funny, frightening or downright strange, but they are always interesting – and they keep us on our toes!

Don’t Worry Be Flabby

New workout craze sweeps the nation but it isn’t for everyone. Not recommended for men or women with receding hairlines! According to the hyperactive and extremely excited man with the bulging biceps this workout could be done anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Funny Christmas Poems – How to Find Them

Looking for funny Christmas poems and poetry to enjoy during the holidays? You know when Christmas and the New Year holidays are getting closer, we look for fun ideas to celebrate this special day with our family and loved ones. Find out more…

Funny Thanksgiving Poems – How to Find Them

Are you looking for funny Thanksgiving poems and poetry to enjoy during this special holiday? When Thanksgiving is about to come, it is always nice to look for fun ideas to enjoy this special day with our family and loved ones. And this is when funny poems for Thanksgiving comes to your help.

Epidemic of Mentally Ill Toys Shocks the Nation

This is a humorous article, a spoof, and not to be taken seriously. All companies and individuals referred to in it are entirely fictitious.

The Billiard Hall on Main Street Is Crawling With Undead: Zombies Everywhere!

I am transmitting this message to warn the residents of Springfield and it’s outlying areas. The quaint little billiard hall down the street has been overrun by an undead hoard. The place was filled with all kinds of zombies, from jumpers to crawlers and everything in between. Read further to find out why I was crazy enough to go to there in the first place.

Simple Techniques to Performing Great Card Tricks

In order to do this, get the pack of cards in your left hand and square it nicely, after that take your right hand above it, setting the thumb on the back whilst your fingers spread along the exterior end. Square the playcards more using your hands as you also are pressing your fingers back a little as to wedge the edges of the cards slightly. Subsequently lift the rear ends of the two cards on top with the ball of your thumb, ensuring you have slept the tip of your left little finger underneath these cards.

Funny Jokes – How To Add a Fun Element In Your Conversation

Having a good sense of humor can be great advantage for anyone. You can live through the everyday grind quite easily if you have the ability to find the funny twist. Like everything else in the world you can acquire the ability to tell funny jokes quite easily.

Poker Face Training

Sometimes in life it is important to employ a Poker Face. Poker Face Training might help but clearly, I need to repeat the course.

A Dose Of Laughter With the Argyle Sweater Comic

The Argyle sweater is a daily comic strip in the U.S. and masterminded by Scott Hilburn from Garland, Texas. The hilarious comic was acquired by Universal Press Syndicate last April of 2008. The brilliant single-panel comic made a huge gamble and jumped from Comics Sherpa to GoComics and has contributed new funny and lovable characters ever since.

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