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Internet Memes: What Are They?

Historically, an internet meme was a bit of cultural information that was spread through word of mouth. This usually took the form of a story, a fable /parable, or a joke. But because of increasing technology, internet memes now travel much faster than spoken word. We see and hear them all the time now, but what is the origin of Internet memes?

Secrets to 3 Common Objections

Being a typical bloke, I’m terrible at multitasking, never ask for directions when lost in the car and would never, under any circumstances, ask for assistance in a store. Have you ever been in a store browsing and a sales assistant comes up to you unannounced “can I help you Sir?”

Locked Out

Who hasn’t been locked out of the house at least once? The author couldn’t have picked a worse time to have it happen – the dead of winter in Wisconsin. Here’s a humorous look at what goes through the mind of a man Locked Out.

Congress Shall Dress Like Clowns – A Constitutional Amendment

“If Congress is gonna act like clowns they should dress like clowns” Here is a satirical proposed Constitutional amendment to make that happen…

A Few Funny Facts About the White House

There is an old joke about President Taft who was greatly overweight. A boy was talking to his mother at breakfast looking out over the ocean. He said, “Mother, can I go swimming?” She smiled and answered, “Not now, David. The president is using the ocean.” Here are some facts and fictions about out presidents.

How to Fight Like Michael Jackson

Picture this: It’s a few hundred years in the future. Society has already been torn by famine and wars. People have turned to music to bring some enjoyment to their miserable lives.

Lessons For a Greenhorn

I was a 20 year old greenhorn logger, working at a camp on Vancouver Island. I had been promoted to be the ‘bullgang chaser’ the first day on the job. (See my story ‘The Rigger and the Greenhorn’). It was only a few days later that Bill, the rigger, hollered out ” Hey boys, any of you assholes know how to do an eye splice?” The rest of the crew were greener than me, so no one responded.

When The Luna Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie: Naming The Moon

Mercury and Venus are the only two planets in our solar system that have no satellites, no moons. Neptune has thirteen moons with names like Triton and Nalad to remind of Greek gods. Uranus, the favorite planetary body of snickering school children, has twenty seven.

When You Get Enough Sleep, Even Your Dreams Say Thank You!

I realized I was too serious, so I took a sleep “cure!” Like Rip Van Winkle I may be “sleeping my life away,” but maybe when we sleep, our dreams are reality and when we are awake maybe it is just a dream. Until everyone is funny, or at least less serious, I prefer to sleep!

Can Good Clean Fun Really Work?

A lot of the comedians around nowadays feel pressurized to be the funniest act out there and some are turning to vulgarities and shock tactics in order to get a few extra laughs. Humor today is getting more and more controversial as comedians find new ways to shock a laugh out of the audience and many comedy shows are no longer family-friendly occasions.

They Blinded Us With “Science!”

I finally found my true calling the other day, when I had the sad fortune to find a dead bunny rabbit just off the front porch of our country home. I conducted a thorough examination of the bunny’s carcass before properly disposing of it – by which I mean, I looked at it from a safe and comfortable distance. I could not see what might’ve caused the bunny’s demise, so of course I concluded that the poor wretch paid the ultimate price for the sinful climate change caused by humankind….

Here’s Your Delivery Stupid

I’ve had a few delivery jobs in my day, and the one constant in all of them is the customer. There are some wonderful people out there. Some people can really make you feel like you are doing something great for them, really making their day special. This article is not about them. I want to talk about the gems of ignorance that populate this world.

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