DJ Scheme Shares Final Moments With Juice WRLD & XXXTENTACION – IMPAULSIVE EP. 285

Cherries, Age and George Washington

When the idea of a post hits me, I write it down immediately in the Headline of a Draft Post. If available, I jot down key words in the content section.

3 Most Annoying Smells Found in the Home

There is nothing worse than coming home and being met with a wall of smell that makes you wish you had never left the office. Smell is an often overlooked sense, but it can have a profound impact on our mood and even our health if subjected to the worst kinds of smell. There are many smells which cause us to hold our noses or even leave a room, but there are some which are so common that it is worth noting them and how to combat them.

7 Things I Wish My Wardrobe Would Have

A hello greeting. It just makes it more interesting to open the wardrobe and be greeted with a “hello” each time. What with all the stress of the usual, I have nothing to wear…

At the Post Office – May I Borrow Your Pen?

Planning to use a priority mail package and the self-mailing kiosk inside, I pulled into the Summerville Post Office. I checked to make sure I had my iPhone in my purse as I  have not memorized my little sister’s address.

What Are Stage Hypnotist Comedy Shows All About?

If you are searching for the right comedy show to make your event extraordinary, then there is nothing better than a stage hypnotist comedy show. These shows are rib tickling and full of loud raucous laughter. You will certainly get to witness all your friends and colleagues rolling with laughter as they watch the show. The best thing about stage hypnotist comedy shows is that they are suitable for any kind of event.

An Important Thing to Do When Booking Comedy Hypnotists

The latest form of entertainment at every party that wants to be termed different is to have a Comedy Hypnotist performing at it. If you are interested in hiring one for your party, then you have certainly made one of the best decisions for your party. They are the perfect entertainers for all kinds of parties be it corporate events, college functions, or a simple party. They can take control of the entertainment and bring out the best in people.

How to Go About Booking Comedy Hypnotists

If you want to provide the perfect entertainment for your guests, then you need not look any further than a comedy hypnotist. They have the special talents and entertainment expertise to make your guests feel special and go back highly impressed. That is why people have loved to make comedy hypnotists an integral part of any kind of event, be it corporate, college, proms or any other function that you can possibly name.

Women and Their Love of Shoes

Women set themselves a generous budget. They then find the pair of shoes, with the best label, the doesn’t blow their budget by more than 300%.

Science Lab

The word scientific temper has been permanently etched into my memory. In my school days, we believed that the scientific temper would take us far. Scientific temper does not belong to laboratories and classrooms alone, it should also penetrate our drawing rooms, dining rooms and even our bedrooms. I discussed my inchoate musings with friends, who helped me put together an action plan. We decided to surreptitiously remove one or two things from the stock allotted to each of us in the school laboratory, and thus create a small lab in my backyard.

Men Hunt in Packs But the Waitress is NOT the Prey

For a female server getting hit on regularly is part of the job.  Especially when waiting on a large group of guys.

Experienced Comedy Hypnotists Equal to Quality Comedy Entertainment

Have you ever heard about hypnotainment? Well this is the new form of entertainment that is the latest happening thing at parties. Don’t worry it is absolutely legal and above board and yet great fun. At the same time it is different and will certainly have your guests asking for more.

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County – The Sequel

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County is a short story written by Mark Twain. This is my Sequel to his work. I am picking up from Twain’s line which reads, “”Well, thish-yer Smiley had a yaller one-eyed cow that didn’t have no tail, only jest a short stump like a bannanner,” Enjoy!

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