Explaining An NFT

Uncle Hickory’s DWI

My endeavors into family history again brought me to a story of Great Uncle Hickory, the lovable town drunk. Because of his good nature, even when he couldn’t remain vertical, everyone liked him. Well, most of the time everyone liked him.

Why is Humor Important in the Workplace?

Why has humor become a recognized asset in the workplace? Among others, there are the principal reasons why humor is important: it energizes, helps facilitate communication, and build relationships.

3 Funny Translation Stories

I’ve lived in Israel for approximately 17 years and always get a kick out of noticing the funny mistakes that people make when translating from one language to another. A little laughter in our lives is always a good thing, so I guess I can thank the translators for putting a smile on my face. So here we go.

Drive-Thru Speaker Thing

I realize people are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. However, when will technology at the fast food drive-thru allow for at least an invisible experience. Today, Anger Management Clinics should be buying ad space on the drive-thru speaker thing. Reality television? “The Speaker Thing” on television …

Funny Jokes

Funny jokes are a great way to keep us all smiling and looking at life with a positive attitude. Humor is one of God’s gifts… we should act accordingly!

10 Ways to Tell the Honeymoon is Over

Isn’t marriage grand? It is until you realize that the honeymoon is over and then it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of the relationship. Here are 10 funny ways to show how it used to be and how it is now.

Barack Obama Loses in Brazilian Elections!

It’s official, Barack Obama has failed in his bid to win the election! But before you decide to leave the country and escape another four years of Republican rule, please allow me to elaborate, Barack Obama has failed to win in the Brazilian local elections!

Your Telephone Call is Important to Me

Are you tired of listening to horrible music while someone puts you on hold? Are you weary of listening to your number choices to punch in so that hopefully, you get to talk to a real human, even though your neck and ear aches from hanging on?

Scary Creatures on the Prowl – A Happy Hollywood Halloween

Don’t just settle for witches and princesses this Halloween. Other than dressing like scary creatures meant to give party-goers a heart attack, why not try to be inspired by Hollywood stars this Halloween 2008?

Things You Should Never Do in Front of a CCTV Security Camera

What do you do when confronted with the sight of a CCTV security camera? Do you go on as if it is a speck on the wall worthy of your attention as a, well, speck on the wall? Do you ponder it for a moment, wonder who is watching you watching him and then wander somewhere else with nary a second glance?

Uncle Hickory and the Model T

I was recently asked to make a presentation about journal writing at a genealogy conference. This got me thinking about my own genealogy, which reminded me of a saying of a famous politician. He said there was no reason to go to the work of doing your own genealogy.

“Sudoku Players’ ” Joke – Aim High

What did the woman addicted to Sudoku find on the fifth floor of a shopping center? Read this joke to find out.

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