Exposing The Richest YouTubers – IMPAULSIVE EP. 263

So, Who Ate the First Antler Anyway?

Have you ever seen deer antlers? I don’t know about you, but they don’t exactly make my mouth water. We’re talking hard bone protruding from a wild animal’s head here. And yet, somebody, somewhere, at some point in time, actually looked at a set of deer antlers and thought, “Hey look, deer antlers. I think I’ll eat them!”

5 Sarcastically Baffling Questions

You know, there are things in this world that simply baffle me. Usually, they are things that other people apparently just don’t get or simply overlook. Whatever the reason, with the right sarcastic presentation, I’m sure you’ll be baffled as well.

Ricky Gervais’ ‘Future’ Podcast Review

The Ricky Gervais Show podcasts are a set of online radio shows that feature Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Steven Merchant (nicknamed the ‘holy trinity’ of comedy). These shows are of a humorous nature, with the gang often poking fun at Karl for his outlandish comments and bizarre thoughts on the world.

Where in the World is Billy West?

During the early 1980’s I was partners with Billy West, nationally known impressionist and voice-over artist, heard regularly on the Howard Stern Show, and past guest of the Jay Leno Show. This story contains some humorous details of the early days of Boston’s great rock band era.

Identifying Topics in Stand-Up Comedy

The most common question I’m asked as a comedian is, “Where do comedians get material?” The answer to this is so simple it almost sounds like a lie. Ideas come from whatever that comedian’s interests are at the time. The fact that the comedian is interested in those subjects almost always means that the comedy is already there. All the comic needs to do is identify what’s so funny about the subjects that already interested them.

How Can I Make My Comedy Material Funnier?

Stand up comedians are always looking for ways to make their content funnier. This competition is very hard because every one wants to do something new to get more laughs than others. People who have taken up stand up comedy as a profession and especially those who have crossed the basic level and are now in front of tough crowds always have a question.How can I make my comedy material funnier? This article guides these people.

Loaded Hot Dogs

This year like many people I went back to my hometown for the holidays to visit relatives and old friends. Upon my return I opened my bag to begin unpacking and found a note left by the T.S.

Teaching an Older Dog New Tricks

When I was in college back in the 70’s, computer science was a new subject that had been recently introduced. My roommate was a computer science major. I never saw the guy without a big stack of computer cards bound tightly with rubber bands.

How to Deliver a Great Comedy Routine

This is it. You’ve been honing your jokes, and you finally have a spot on stage. The last thing you want is for your jokes to fall flat. Ideally, you’d like for your audience to be rolling in the aisle and calling for an encore.

Learn From Obama’s Laughter – Humor Helps and Heals

All this talk lately about President Obama laughing too much is really cracking me up. Doesn’t anyone realize how important humor is, especially when times are bad?

Bumper Stickers Falling in Forests

Bumper stickers are one of the most enjoyable parts of driving, even if they do occasionally make you tailgate. I have been an avowed bumper sticker maniac for many years. The trick is to say as much as you possibly can in as few words as you possibly can.

When Good Socks Go Bad

History describes the medieval castle drawbridge as a feature for the protection of the populace, but this is obviously a mistaken idea. In those olden days socks were a valuable commodity, each painstakingly hand made and at great expense. You cannot imagine a bad day at work until you’ve worn a suit of armor into battle with only one sock. It is clear to me that the drawbridge was developed for the containment of wayward socks. Why else would they put a moat around the castle if not to catch the socks? A wet sock can make no time on the open road; wet socks are almost always immediately captured hiding in the washing machine or slinking along the floor.

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