Get That Humor Dose

Humor should form an essential part of our lives. How and where they can be used so as to make the best out of that effort is the crux of this article.

Black Humor: Defining the Emotional Response and Cause

Black humor focuses on topics considered to be taboo in a humorous manner in order to highlight the critical themes. The anxiety initiated by the Cold War serves as a backdrop to 1960s Black Humor.

Humor Column – Fast Talking Disclaimer

I heard a car commercial on the radio the other day that sounded a little unbelievable. “The Violator is available for a limited time for only $99/ month!” Then at the end of the commercial a guy started talking real fast.

Top 10 Things Guys Will Do If the NFL Lockout Actually Happens

With the NFL season winding down, I cannot help but notice the 500lb elephant in the room…What the HELL are GUYS going to do if the NFL lockout actually happens!?

You Wouldn’t Think That There Would Be Much Laughter in a Hospital Burns Ward, Would You?

Maybe my sense of humour is weird, but I still get a laugh when I recall some incidents from 30 years ago. The ability to see the funny side of things is a great panacea for any illness, and although it has got me into trouble many times, it sure helped me through this, and contributed to my survival.

Stand Up Comedy – The Best Free Comedy in Los Angeles

You might not be able to find a free lunch, but if your cash strapped and looking for entertainment there is a solution, free comedy. Stand up comedians in Los Angeles are giving away free comedy at funny shows across the city, but where should you go? Who should you see? What are the funniest comedy shows in LA?

How To Put Out An Advent Wreath Fire, Calmly and Creatively

Advent – those four Sundays before Christmas. Anyway, the advent wreath and the lighting of the advent candles play a really big part in those services leading up to the time when the Christmas carols can actually be sung. The preacher has just launched into his 35 minute sermon when what to my wondering eyes – and those of the entire congregation – I behold but four flaming candles and a wreath of evergreen branches aflame!! Aflame everyone! Aflame!

Jokes From The Closet!

Long back jokes used to be louder and less intelligent. In fact, most of them were quite idiotic. Still, we could not help ejecting bouts of noisier laughter.

Your Guitar Is Too Loud

For many years I played guitar in a local rock band. Now don’t get all serious and think you’re in the company of mighty rockstar (well, just a little bit then, it feeds my ego). We were never going to take the world by storm. In truth, we didn’t even manage a light breeze, but we did have a lot of laughs along the way.

Browsing For Funny Pictures Online

Have you been searching for really funny pictures online that will make you laugh? If you have been searching and not really finding anything quite as funny as all of those top pictures you may come across, there may been a few things that you can do.

Top Benefits of Watching Funny Videos Online

Watching funny videos online has become really popular today and this is due to the fact that they have huge impact on the viewers. There are many people across the globe who love to watch funny videos because of the joy and amusement that comes with them which leaves the mind revitalized.

How to Sing O Come All Ye Faithful – Maybe Not

The Christmas tree was lit, the bows were perfectly tied on the swags – I think they were the plaid red and green bows that year – A dozen extraneous candles tried bravely to give light to the inky blackness – but to no avail. The domino theory had begun! The choir director found herself tumbled under the tree with her most unbecoming blue-coated side facing the audience.

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