Game Of Thrones Biggest Star: Thor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson – IMPAULSIVE EP. 293

Vampire Life Part 5 – Breaking the News After a Successful Turning – The First Kiss!

You sit with his or her head on your lap, watching those once-stunning eyes as the loss of blood drains their color. This doesn’t affect your feelings does it?

The Funniest Words in the English Language

These are just a few of the funny-sounding words in English, along with a guess about their meanings for someone who is clueless… These words sound hilarious to me for some reason, and if someone didn’t know the meaning, one could provide a pretty good guess from the sound.

Comedy Night on Your Hen Weekend

A hen weekend should be something to remember with you and your favourite girls. A raucous night of fun and giggles is usually prescribed so it’s no surprise that a comedy evening has become a popular choice for hen nights in the UK. With venues up and down the country it’s easy to find somewhere that will help you laugh your socks off on that last weekend of freedom!

Retired Men’s Life, Living in a Pavilion

If our life is a curve, first rising and then falling, then we, the men and women in fifties, are on the wrong side of it-the slope side. And mind well, every slope is dangerous. Before two days I met one of my friends in garden, flinging his newly purchased stick. I asked him, ”How do you really feel? I mean you’re 57. Tell me honestly.”

Don’t Buy a Car That is Smarter Than You, Dave!

Let’s face it our cars are getting smarter and smarter every year and pretty soon we will have cars that drive themselves, like those robotic DARPA cars that are fully autonomous. In fact, there is already one company that is developing a robotic GPS pinpoint accurate garbage truck and street sweeper, and it will probably be on the market by 2012 for local municipalities who want to cut costs.

How to Get One Gazillion Followers on Twitter

First of all, you’re probably wondering, “How much is a gazillion, anyway?” Good question. It’s quite simple. A gazillion is a 1 followed by 37 zeroes and a disturbing Dr. Evil-like cackle.

How Smart is a SmartCar Anyway?

It appears that we are all going to be driving SmartCars in the future, you know those little jobs that look like an enclosed Mr. Mugo Golf Cart? And with all the technology today, pretty soon these cars are going to be driving themselves, you are just going to get in and tell them where to go.

Are You Really Sure You Want a Smart Car?

We all know people who are megalomaniacs, ego maniacs and narcissists, but in the future we may find our robotic android companions, employees, toys and even our SmartCar is worse than any human you currently know. Boy I can see it now, you get into your car, tell it to go to Starbucks and it says that there is a Big Wheel in the way or a fallen branch in the drive way, so it merely refuses to drive over it.

The Recession in Humor – How to Laugh at Hard Times

You know you’re in a recession when your home is the only occupied house on your block. Recession is more a state of mind after a few days than a state of economy.

Be Careful When Making Fun of Dear Old Dad

My father was not yet 70-years-old and for me, 50-years-old was right on my front bumper. I don’t know if you’re like me but I find it easier to notice how the aging process is affecting my friends and family, more than how it’s affecting me. I’ve often commented that my friends seem to be getting older and yet I remain forever youthful. That’s either denial, ignorance or just wishful thinking on my part I guess. This is a story of how I recently found myself sliding into either the “he’s getting older,” phase of life, or “like father – like son.”

The Writer in the Family

I pride myself on being the writer in the family. But lately my husband has been threatening to write a book. He even has a title picked out – HOW MARTHA STEWART RUINED MY LIFE.

Men Are Not From Mars!

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Or so they say. But sometimes, I think my husband is from Uranus.

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