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Why the Midwest Terrifies Me

We may have earthquakes, fires and floods out here in California, but that’s nothing compared to the terrors in the Midwest. I faced almost all of them during a car trip to Illinois with my family back in the early 60s when I was a teenager.

Learn Stand-up Comedy – Performance Improvement

This article reveals several strategies for stand-up comedy performance improvement. Follow these steps and you can drastically improve your comedy performance.

Learn Stand-up Comedy – Punchline Mechanics

The article reveals information on punchline structure when writing or developing comedy material for the stage. An example of punchline structure is provided.

Tips For Sinners

For fellow sinners not accustomed to the confines of a polite congregation, I offer the following tips to ease your way through church should you be expected to behave yourself. When they pass the collection plate and you add your contribution you are NOT permitted to request a lap dance.

The No Money Weight Loss System

This new system for weight loss will change how you think of dieting. No more exercising. No spending money.

The Man Who Made Off With Everyone’s Loot – Bernie Madoff

Boy am I glad that Bernie Madoff wouldn’t let me join his club. As someone who has always wanted to have access to the “Old Boy Network” I can honestly say that I feel lucky that I didn’t have a few million in Bernie’s pockets.

Robin Hood

Way back in 1954, television hadn’t really kicked in as primary entertainment for eight-year-old boys like me and my best friend Jerry. We mostly had to entertain ourselves with various “pretend” games using whatever objects we could find. This wasn’t too hard because Jerry was a farm kid, so there were always lots of things lying around.

Why I Like to Cuss

Today, I’d like to speak to the men in the crowd. I want to discuss cussing. Why we men do it, and how we can do a better job of it.

The Cosmic Law of Generational Music Differences

I heard the strangest of noises coming from my daughter’s room this evening. I blew it off to start with, not wanting to worry unnecessarily, but the noise was becoming unbearable as it continued and I became quite concerned.

One Eyed Jack – Meet Eric the Fish

What weighs three hundred pounds and takes three hundred pounds to carry it? I’ll give you three hints.

Who’s Really on Santa’s List?

We have all heard about Santa’s infamous list of those who have been naughty and nice. He has supposedly checked it twice. Do you want to know who made the list? Find out from someone who has insider information from Santa himself.

Comedian Rob Paravonian

Famous for his Pachelbel Rant, which garnered well over five million views on YouTube, Paravonian will be traveling throughout the East Coast and Midwest over the next few months. Musical since his childhood, when he learned to play the cello in grade school, he didn’t start bringing his guitar on stage till he was already established as a stand-up comedian.

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