Harvesting Honey from a MASSIVE Beehive (Extremely Satisfying)

A Comedy Garbage Story

This article takes a comedy slant at garbage. It involves one person’s frustrated attempt to discard his old garbage can.

Laughs, Laughs, They’re Good for Your Heart

This article shows that laughter may in fact be the best medicine for your heart. Several studies have shown that laughter can keep your heart healthy and may prevent a heart attack or heart disease. There are many ways to incorporate laughter into your life such as watching silly videos or just taking things not as seriously. A laugh a day may keep the cardiologist away.

Funny Life Quotes Sayings Provide a Modern Approach to Self Help

As more and more of us feel the strain of living in a hectic society, we are turning to all sorts of remedies to try to ease that strain. Personal growth books are a huge business, and mental health professionals have more job security than ever before. Some of us choose therapies from the positive end of the spectrum, like alternative medicine, yoga, and massage. Unfortunately, others choose more destructive ways of medicating themselves with drugs, alcohol, and food. What about just reading funny life quotes sayings?

Your First Time Visit to India Can Be a Shocker – A Curtain Raiser to Things You Are Likely to See

The first time visit of a foreigner to India can be a shocker. Those from the first world and elsewhere planning their maiden trip to India may hurt their sensibilities by seeing the extremes of many things in human existence.

A Spiritually Significant Plant

You would know, of course, of the Spirit of Christmas – but another little-known ‘legend’ is that of the Spirit of Ginger Beer! Here is the story of my personal experience of this supernatural phenomenon – AND I lived to tell the tale. It’s a TALL tale – but true! Enjoy!

Free Animated Birthday eCards

Are you sick and tired of all those traditional birthday cards wishing you Happy Birthday with their dusty fonts and ancient designs? Or, even worst, do you feel embarrassed sending them to the technology obsessed fellows that you have as friends? Well, this is not a time to despair because we have great news for you. How about choosing free animated birthday eCards to go with your best wishes?

Women: Laundry Hampers And Why I Don’t Try to Make Sense of It Anymore

Ever had something you just don’t understand. It makes no rational sense, and yet someone totally believes in it. This is about that.

Day to Day Humor – Finding Ways to Laugh at Life

We describe God as omnipotent and omnipresent. Here we can gleefully consider the possibility of applying these two adjectives to humor.

The Funniest Things Thrown at Bands

Some musicians get more than they bargained for when stepping out on stage in front of passionate fans. Performing in a band can be an exhilarating experience, from the adoration of appreciative crowds to getting the chance to perform the songs you love. However, sometimes the boundary between performer and audience can be crossed in highly creative ways – particularly in regard to objects thrown on stage.

Comedy At Its Best

Comedy is popular all over the world. There are many different types of comedy. There is stand up comedies, television show comedies, book comedies and movie comedies. Comedy is a form of entertainment that includes humor and jokes. Some famous stand up comedians are Kevin Hart, Dave Chappell and Dane Cook. Some comedy movies are Friday, 40 Year Old Virgin and Blank Man. People all over the world love this type of entertainment.

Life Is Mostly Froth and Bubble

In the poem by Adam Lindsay Gordon of the same name, the last line suggests the need for courage in times of trouble. I don’t know that he actually anticipated someone interpreting this to mean that bravado could come from a bottle. But certainly, in this rare situation, endurance was definitely enhanced by the ‘spiritual’ powers of my ‘potion’.

Outsourced – It’s Hilarious

I just love watching movies and TV shows- I’m the perfect couch potato, and my favorite genre is comedy. There are so many TV shows that I love – from The Simpsons to South Park. But today I’m going to talk about the new show on NBC- Outsourced.

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