He’s Moving Out.

Four More Years? No Deal!

I was fortunate enough to spend time with elderly relatives recently, and of course, they wanted to keep up with the latest toss-and-tumble of election-year politics. So, naturally, we spent a good deal of time watching the Game Show Network….

Man Jumps Off of Building Saved by a Pigeon

I was having a really bad day so I jumped off the ledge of the building I worked at and was making my way toward the ground when this pigeon comes flying up beside me, feverishly flapping his wings to keep up with my descent. “Hey stupid?” The pigeon yelled out.

Calling All Genuinely Normal People, Who Is Strange Among You?

What is normal anyway? If there was a genuine way to gauge normal, then the genuinely strange would be acceptable and even interesting. But, since there is not any such thing as normal, it is what everyone wants. Like the forbidden fruit that is impossible to get.

World’s Fastest Toilet – My Rear End!

Not long ago, on MSNBC (dot) com there was a viral video that showed a toilet on top of a go-cart which went at a very high speed. The video stated; “World’s Fastest Toilet” but is it really – no way I say! First, Japan has toilets on several of their bullet trains moving at 200 plus miles per hour, but there are also toilets on the ISS, albeit high-tech toilets, and those toilets are in orbit at 17,000 miles per hour.

10 Good Excuses to Get Out of Work

This article will give you ten good excuses for getting out of work. Use these excuses at your own risk as the author accepts no responsibility if your boss doesn’t accept the excuse and fires you.

Those Good Ol’ Mom-Isms

Some of the mom-isms that I grew up with are still in my household. Why? Because my eighty year old mother lives with me and I hear them on a daily basis. She keeps me laughing that is for sure. Here are a few of her best mom-isms.

Laughter: The Best Medicine

Laughter can be concluded as one of the best medicines known to us. It has a lot of health benefits which have been frequently researched. Laughing is also not difficult at all and it comes for free. So why not share a laugh or two with everyone.

Fishing With Dad

The father son relationship is very special. Father’s should spend a lot of quality time with their sons. My father was gone too soon leaving me with few memories. This is the only time I fished with my father. It is a cherished memory.

Twice The Crime, In Half The Time!

As we learn daily in the national media, there’s nothing wrong with America today that can’t still be blamed on the guy who left the country in such a mess almost four years ago. You remember – when gas was around $1.90, unemployment was around four percent, and our national deficit was around $8 trillion. Look at any of these indicators, and it’s easy to see why Demediacrats everywhere say Barack Obama is twice the president Bush was! And in half the time! Only hard-core capitalist pigs want that Bush mess back….

Funny Questions About Life Part 7

You’ve waited, you’ve counted the days, you’ve thought to yourself, “Is that all there is to the funny questions of life?” Man, you sure have a lot of time on your hands. But no worries, your wait has paid off.

Jojo In Love

…there had always been this nagging natural feeling that somewhere out there was his exact opposite, his missing piece, struggling like he was to find the other half. The one to reaffirm the reversible theory of unity of opposites; calm when he was raging, vibrant when he sulked, poised when he was unsure… and the vice versa complementing each other, completing the void, the two imperfect beings fitting perfectly to implement the essence of life, love.

Wedgie Dares

We’ve put together a list of what we think are the top 5 wedgie dares. These dares are great to do alone, with friends or get back at your annoying brother. They will provide you and your friends with hours of entertainment.

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