Hollywood Changed Us…

The 9 to 5 Hunger Games

This is a short, humorous story I wrote about eating in public. It’s something we can all relate to.

Seducing the Post-Economic Crisis Woman

Romance these days is not what it used to be. In the past, you could sidle up to some breathless young thing who was just waiting by the wall paper for you to come over and speak to her and if you didn’t… well; her life as she knew it was over.

Five Tips for Christian Comedians That Guarantee a Great Comedy Show

Here are some tips that will help the Christian Comedian to perform the best possible comedy show at a special event. Following these tips is highly recommended for today’s Christian humorous speaker.

What Kind of Comedian Are You?

They say everybody’s a comedian. But what kind? How do YOU make people laugh? Find out now what kind of comedian you are!

The Priority And Magnitude One Distress Signal

This could be a serious article, this could be a darkly humorous article. I do not know. But what I do know is: Anyone that has ever talked about “the end” or “apocalyptic visions” will get this as well as the lay person who reads this just for the value of it.

5 Hilarious Hoaxes of Benjamin Franklin

We all know Benjamin Franklin was a founding father, the discoverer of electricity and on the hundred dollar bill. But what you might not know is that he was a notorious prankster and always looking for a way to get one-up on his enemies.

Everybody Knows (Reality and Fantasy), But Who Wants To Admit It?

Before I begin this article, I lifted the title off of a Leonard Cohen song called “Everybody Knows”. It is a very interesting song. It is a song that is like smelling salts that wake the soul up instead of just the body.

6 Top Funny Blogs You Can Visit for a Good Laugh

A good laugh is always a good laugh, but even when it comes to comic things, the trends may change. If you are acquainted to the “meme” phenomenon, you know how these evolve – they grow to popularity, then reach the saturation level and slowly fade away. Also, not all humor sites manage to stay entertaining. See what’s still in the charts and gets the laughs. Here is a selection for blog junkies.

How Jennifer Aniston Can Help Monitor Your Mental Health

You know Rachel from Friends? Here’s how she helped me get past my lowest ebb…

Euston, We Have a Problem: Commuting Sucks!

Why commuting sucks! A Londoner’s lament on getting to work…

I’m Crazy!

People lately have been preoccupied with gadgets and computers, chatting and crazy-healthy diets. Well, I am not giving up to this manipulation and I am keeping my attention to what makes sense, not what is popular. And people, of course, call me crazy for that!

Novelty Mugs: Have A Laugh While Having Your Coffee

Sometimes I get a kick out of the most simple of things. In this article you will read about the kick I get out of novelty coffee mugs. Some of them are rather funny too. Need a laugh?

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