Hooking Up With My Best Friend’s Ex – IMPAULSIVE EP. 302

Toothless Wonder

Well okay. After having kept my two front teeth intact for decades, I discovered an amazing secret. One wrong bite hitting a hidden menace (a piece of bone) can make you feel young again – yep! About eight years old and awaiting the tooth fairy.

A Short Interview With Ben Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most interesting and amazing figures of the American colonial period. This is a fantasy interview with him, designed to entertain and enlighten.

My Trip to the DMV

One of the first orders of business one needs to take care of when moving to California is to get a California driver’s license and California plates. I had reserved a full day for this endeavor, anticipating that it would take at least the entire morning to achieve complete Californization of my vehicle and of all my vehicular activities.

Top 10 Ways to Tell Your Marriage Won’t Work

The divorce rate in this country is at fifty percent. Don’t become a statistic. Here are ten ways to help you decide, ahead of time, whether or not your marriage will work. Even if you are already married, this list can still help.

Shock Pranks, Electric Shocking Pranks

Are looking for a great prank? How about if you are trying to get back at your friend for playing a prank on you? Maybe you are just trying to be funny and enjoy playing a prank on an unsuspecting victim. No matter what the reason or occasion you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in a shock prank. When you think of a shock prank your thoughts might go directly to a buzzer. True, this is one of the most common types of shocking pranks played on most, but there is a variety of different ways you can perform a shock trick without your target even suspecting it.

The Sherman Tales – Chapter One – TEFL For the Smart Kids

“Sherm the Worm does not Squirm.” – Act One – Sherman, at eleven years of age, sometimes finds himself backed into a corner by larger, less intelligent children. One day, two bullies trap him on the playground and try to ruffle his feathers. Sherman remains calm.

Pet Jokes and Animal Stories – My Top 15 Favorite

Whenever I get the chance I like to give myself a laugh or cheery thought. I started a collection of jokes that I find funny and sorted them by subject. I’ve picked out fifteen of my all time favorite animal/pet jokes and I’d like to share them with you today. So if you love cats, dogs, birds …sit back, read, enjoy and feel free to share.

Celebrities & Other Animals I Met at the Zoo

I came to San Diego in the ’60s without a job – and wound up working in their famous zoo, meeting both human and animal stars from Lassie and King Tut to Art Linkletter, Jimmy Stewart and the world-renowned “chimp lady” from Africa, Jane Goodall. Being close to Hollywood, many stars over the years donned dark glasses and popped in to visit our menagerie incognito, including Andy Griffith, Shirley Temple, Jerry Lewis and Cary Grant (who often stopped by when he was in town for a weekend of tennis). During my seven years as …

10 Fun Ways to Annoy Beachgoers

It’s summertime and you know what that means; a trip to the beach. Make your next trip to the beach a memorable one with these fun things to do.

Bye, George

A text message from my girlfriend early this morning told me the news that George Carlin had died. I immediately felt terrible and rolled back over, wanting to go back to sleep and not even think about the bad news until later in the day.

Ah, Candy and Memories – What Are Your Favorites?

I am now remembering one friend whose name was Motz. He was from Sweden. He introduced me to the “$1,000,000,000 chocolate bar”. “Want to eat a million dollars worth of candy?”,

The Beer, the BBQ, the Bat!

My brother, Rick, invited me over one Saturday night for a barbecue and beer. His wife had gone camping with her girlfriends, so it was like our own boys night out. It threatened to rain, but that didn’t dampen our spirits and we sat outside.

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