How to Do Yoga

Loan Sharks Diversified Their Business Model

With world wide credit crunch taking its toll on established financial institutions; investment bankers like these loan sharks are still persevering. It is high time that established investment banks learn “what they don’t teach in ivy league business school” methodologies from their illegal counterpart. Read first hand about Loan Sharking 101: How to diversify and be consumer friendly.

Funny Car Story – I Swear the Post Moved

The passenger side rear quarter panel had shifted into the back door panel which had shifted into the front door panel which had shifted into the front quarter panel. There was no way I could avoid telling dad what had happened to his car. I went home with my last meal. I was determined not to look like a man on death row.

Yellow Tom

“Check this out, Squirt, Wizzer showed me. “It’s got real good roller guides with little tiny ball bearings in them. That’s what Red told my dad anyhow.” Wizzer spun a roller in one of the guides to show me how it worked.

Enjoy Political Humor – The Legacy of an Open Society

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The problem with political jokes is that they get elected.” Well, at least there are a lot of material for political humor. Even if the global economy is practically crashing down around everyone, people can always enjoy political humor.

A Party Line Telephone

I don’t remember how the party line worked. I don’t know if we had two long rings followed by a short, a short followed by two longs or something else. But I remember what happened when one of the other members of the party line were rang. It was unmistakable. There would be a short but noticeable ring, a partial ring, a blurb. When that happened you knew someone was on the line and there was a tremendous urge to pick up the phone and see who was there, and what they were talking about. I say that only because my wife and a next door neighbor did that.

Funny Cartoons and Reasons For Reading Them

Cartoons allow us to use emotions to portray opinions in a way that most people can understand. They represent our existence, our life which could be hilarious or more serious.

Funny Cartoons and Collectors

Cartoon is probably one of the most popular drawings in the world, as well as funny cartoon. Search no more for funny cartoon stories, funny cartoon pictures, and those elusive funny commercials starring cartoon are available all over the world for collecting them.

Housewives Demand For TV Remote Control Custody, Hazard Pay and Minimum Wage

Housewives held husbands’ taken for granted home cook dinner as hostage and demanded the government to pass the bill on TV remote control custody, hazard pay and minimum wage for their role as housewives of this nation. For decades housewives of this nation have been domestically tame and experts say TV shows like America Next Top Husband and Pimp My Waredrobe have awaken the me-me DNA in them. It feels like it was only yesterday when the housewives of this nation discovered supplementary credit cards.

Jester Lettermen

Imagine what it would be like if talk show host, David Lettermen, did his opening monologue at a Medieval Times Dinner. This is what it might sound like…

Cougasaurus Rex

Some can know what I’m speaking to here from experience, it’s not a mythical beast, they are incarnate and walking among us. Let me start off by declaring that I am not a person to hold double standards, anything you can do that promotes happiness is fantastic as far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s not affecting someone else in a negative manner that they have a right to be upset about. I’m all for it! and please do not perceive the term “cougar” as an insult. If anything I’d see it as a compliment.

7 Year Old Kid Lost One Hour of TV and Playtime

The school bully is now unemployed with no kids to rib on and no additional lunch money because of the actions of a 7 year old kid. The 7 year kid did not get away unscathed and has lost one hour of TV and playtime. He could no longer see eye to eye with his mother. Due to this irreconcilable differences with his mother, he ran away from home.

Are the Comedians of Today As Funny As the Comedians of Yesterday?

Are today’s comedians funnier than yesterday’s comedians? What are the differences between the two?

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