How to Eliminate All Your Back Pain Right Now!

Impersonating Famous People

Impersonating famous people has been around for centuries. Often it was the kings and queens who were the most impersonated and usually not in a very good light. Although, with the advent of Hollywood and the star persona, this has been followed with the impersonations of many different folks.

Yipes! Barbie Just Turned 50

Barbie, that American icon and paragon of perpetual youth and beauty, just celebrated her 50th birthday. I “talked” to her recently in a conference call set up by Mattel, Inc publicist, GI. Joe. It went something like this. Me: Hello, Barbie. Or should I say ‘Ms. Doll’? Which do you prefer? Barbie: Well, I really don’t have a last name, so Barbie is just peachy. Me: Great. Barbie, I must say that you look marvelous as you enter into the A.A.R.P. membership zone. How do you do it? Barbie: Why thank you, kind sir. Actually, my secret is that I’m 100% non-biodegradable. Plastic holds up really, really well, you know. Me: Yes, and speaking of shape, yours has been the subject of great controversy over the years. You’ve been accused of “creating unrealistic expectations of womanhood and even spurring eating disorders in young girls,” according to some sources. How do you respond to that?

It’s Important to Be Able to Laugh at Yourself and Here’s Why!

Of course, not each situation is the same – if you are with a close group of friends who laugh because they have found your embarrassing faux pas genuinely funny, then lighten up and try to see that they aren’t laughing in order to make you feel bad. Laughter is a driving dynamic behind almost all friendships, and when your face is red just try to remember that it will soon be someone else’s turn – and that you’ll be laughing when that happens! If you can embrace your mortification and laugh with the others, it’ll be forgotten quicker. If it isn’t, at least in future people will laugh with you, rather than at you.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter has a lot of benefits on our mind and even on our body. Even if it is a reaction which is regulated by the brain, our body needs laughter as much as our mind does!

Improve Work With Improv – How to Have Fun at Work and Be More Productive

Stepping on stage, before 60 managers at a Fortune 50 company, Matt has no idea what he is about to say. Normally external speakers prepare days in advanced the exact speeches they are going to give when charged with the task of engaging corporate clients such as those at one of the world’s largest consumer products company. But Matt is prepared only with a mental outline of how the next 45 minutes will go-no notes, no PowerPoint presentation, and no script. How does Matt deliver an effective presentation? Read on to find out how improv can be applied to the corporate world and make you and your team more creative and effective.

A Brand New Home For Internet Guru’s

A humorous account of the Internet Guru’s afterlife. Read what may be in store for some of the unscrupulous internet marketers. Entertaining and creative content is helpful in bringing customers to your website.

Losers Throw in the Towel, Winners Eat It

What does a highly competitive dog do when challenged to a game of tug of war? Win — no matter what the digestive cost.

Family Poems – Sentiments That Will Get You, Right Here

What’s more suave than a Shakespeare sonnet, a Robert Frost fable, or a lyrical Lord Byron love song? Family poems, written from the heart! How many special occasions are there in a year, and out of those, how many times do you give someone a card with just the greeting of the day? Those are a last ditch effort to save your bacon, when you can’t come up with a rhyme of your own.

Robin Williams Tickets For “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Robin Williams is not only a phenomenal comedian, but also an amazing actor. He has played in many roles, from serious and even dark to funny. Whatever the role, you can always find him and will always remember his character and performance. He is – by far – one of the most talented actors and entertainers around.

CEO Recovery Package

All this talk about the AIG Executives and other CEO’s has inspired me to write an article about what those guys must be going through and how I could help. This is what I would advise.

An Extract From the Lost Diary of Captain Scott

Tuesday 11th Beginning to wish I’d brought the other duvet. Snowed all day again Oates is getting restless. Wednesday 12th Advanced 15 feet today before frostbite set in. Really shouldn’t have worn flip-flops.

The UGOOMH (Unidentified Glimmering Object on My Head)

Bobby recounts his the day he discovered, or at least acknowledged, that he was getting old. I was looking in the mirror and styling my buzz cut yesterday morning when I noticed a strange glint of light emanate from my dome. Curious, I turned my head in all directions in an attempt to reproduce the phenomenon. With my head turned to the right and tilted slightly up, I saw the brilliant sparkle of light once again and pinpointed its origin to my left upper sideburn. I asked myself, “What in the hell would cause that?”

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