How to Solve Your Back Pain

Noony Tunes University – NTU Announces New Rules After Stabbing Case

This is satire, with no intentions other than mischief and humor. Please do not be offended. I express my deepest regret that this unfortunate tragedy has happened and my heart really goes out to both the student and the prof and their families

Land of the Floral Print Whiners

We’ve come a long way in our modern society, but I’m just not sure it’s all been the right way. Take floral print toilet paper, for instance. Is this the epitome of our modern society? Did our ancestors fight, suffer, bleed, and die simply so we can have soft, pretty paper to wipe you know what from our you know where?

April Fools’ Day

Do you know the history of April Fools’ Day and what it is all about? Make sure you know the fact so that you don’t look like a fool on April 1st.

Let’s Dance

My friend and I went to the dance at the Youth Organization which was sponsored and chaperoned by the Nuns. I attended a religiously based, boys-only high school. The girls went to an all-girls school.

Famous Sayings and Quotes For Every Mood

Our mood changes every time. We have different mood throughout the day. When we feel happy and excited our mood is up and when we fell sad or lonely our mood is down and some time our mood so between neither so up nor so down.

Pocket Taser Test, Then Results, Super Funny

The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived. I will never forget the effects it left on me, even now, I experience shrinkage when I plug anything into the socket. Super funny.

On Mongrel Humour Cloaked in the Truth Sarcasm

At a recent teeball game I overheard a parent ‘encourage’ their son to succeed: “Four home runs today, son,” they charged. I immediately wondered how on God’s green earth was this eleven year old going to do that. Then I realised it was a throwaway line, and perhaps I was taking things too literally.

The Secret to a Free Haircut

Lets face it people, haircuts can get very expensive once you start heading over to salons and regular barber shops such as fantastic Sam’s or Supercuts. In my opinion, these places are complete rip offs. An average cut can cost $15-$25 for a regular adult male.

Laugh at Funny Sayings to Keep the Heart Attacks Away

Laughter is the food of life. Just as food is important to keep you fit physically, Laughter is important to keep you fit mentally. At the moment we laugh, we forgot all the routine stress of our life and when it comes to keep your heart attack at bay, laughter proves to be best medicine. Recent studies conducted at a university in Baltimore shows that the people who laugh a lot throughout the day are less likely to have heart attack.

Humor to Any Day of Life

Cartoons and humor is a simple way to get your life worst day to be best day of life. Whether you are in a silly mood or having a grumpy day funny cartoons are a great way to add a laugh and bring some more happiness into your life.

Pity the Poor Common Cold

Scientists are zeroing in on possible cures for the common cold. This article takes pity on this relatively harmless malady which is up against the billions of dollars of weapons the drug industry brings to bear for this war. The article also reminisces fondly about the pleasures of staying home sick, with tea and sympathy and lots of old movies, knowing you have nothing more serious than a common cold.

Funny T-shirts

Humor makes us laugh. It makes us realize that life is beautiful and enjoyable. When humor is printed in T-shirt, then a simple plain T-shirt which is very dull and boring suddenly becomes Funny T-shirt that grabs everyone’s attention. The humor printed on funny T-shirts can be in the form of funny sayings, cool messages, jokes and catchy funky graphics. The main intention of these types of t-shirts is to prickle the funny fillet.

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