Howie Mandel Has Lost His Mind – IMPAULSIVE EP. 297

Funny Questions About Life

There are a lot of funny questions and funny thoughts about life. These are only a few of them.

Government Announces New Ministry of Predictions

News has just come in that the government is to form up a brand new Whitehall Ministry with the probable title of Ministry of Predictions. Stung by criticism of his government’s complete inability to see the current recession coming and by its equal inability to accurately foretell when it will end (beyond the fact that it will be some time in the afternoon of 4th of June 2011) the Prime Minister recently set up a committee to investigate these failings. The committee…

Need a Truly Good Laugh? Read About Achmed the Dead Terrorist – Here Are Some Extremely Funny Notes

If you’ve not been on planet earth recently then you will have probably missed the hilarious happenings of Achmed the Dead Terrorist puppet. He is currently very hot on the comedy circles right now – be sure to take some time out right now and go get yourself a good dose of comedy.

Who Writes This Junk, It is Purely Ridiculous

I was reading the newspaper the other day and what I read was very startling and disturbing. After reading it all I wanted to crawl under the bed for safety. I was beginning to fear for my very existence.

Office Refrigerator Nightmares

What is it that smells terrible and rarely gets cleaned? Why the office refrigerator of course. Many of us have one. Some of us are courteous by not leaving anything in the fridge overnight. But there are those inconsiderate co-workers who leave their lunches to rot and die like old zombies. Do you know any of these inconsiderate people? If so, here’s a little office refrigerator etiquette for them.

An Open Letter to Bo

There’s a new mouth to feed in the White House. The Obama’s have adopted a Portuguese (something or other) by the name of “Bo.” It’s exciting to have a new family in the White House, but this new member could very easily be overlooked by the high profile of its other family members. To that end, I would like to issue an: “Open Letter to Bo.”

Funny Videos to Tickle Your Funny Bone!

When you need a respite from your hectic schedule and monotonous routine, you have to find new ways to entertain yourself and this is where funny videos and TV shows can help you by providing a good dose of laughter. But where is the best play to find these funny videos?

Jokes That Make You Burst With Laughter

A good joke can work wonders for people by providing them a temporary relief from all the hassles and tensions in their lives. Jokes work as an energizer for fighting the daily blitz of strain and trauma in your life. But where is the best place to find jokes?

Funny Stuff – Get Your Daily Dose of Laughter Online

Internet is the home to millions and zillions of websites which are dedicated to jokes, funny pictures, and funny videos. But where exactly is the best place to find this funny stuff?

Joke Telling Tips That Will Have Them Falling Out of Their Seats

Everyone wants to be the guy that people gather around at parties to tell stories. Being a funny person naturally equates to being popular and it is only natural to want to be liked by people.

My Favorite Top 10 Movie Comedy Scenes

Now this is definitely a tough one. I really don’t even know why I am attempting this at all but I think it needs to be done. There have been so many amazingly, funny scenes and I think I would be remiss if I at least didn’t try to mention the ones that made me laugh the hardest during my lifetime. I would also like to add that just because I may love a scene in a movie, doesn’t preclude that I would put the movie itself in my Top 10 list of all time. So, I will just mention some of the many scenes that I have loved and then try to put them in my order of preference. Wish me luck!!

Ziggy Takes a Spin

A short satirical story concerning the President of the United States who sent a satellite into space to prove the safety of Red Dye #40 for use in lipstick. The satellite disrupted the normal orbital patterns of the universe, causing one of the black holes to shift its orbit. It is now inhaling planets. The story relates how presidential line item veto power lead to the destruction of the solar system.

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