I Bought My Girlfriend A Horse

7 Ways Funny Poetry Can Transform Our Lives

This article presents seven ways that poetry can transform our lives. It can encourage our children to succeed in school and much more.

Watch Out Before Going to the Doctor Because You Might Get Really Surprised!

Sometimes just one, simple step can change your whole life. So often you hear stories about life changing events – winning the fight against cancer, surviving a serious accident, losing someone close etc. But how often does the story begins with: “so I went to get my kidney stones checked and it changed my life!”

Lose Weight by Removing 10 Useless Body Parts

There are dozens of body parts that have been made obsolete by time and evolution. You too can lose pounds by removing these useless organs.

Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians

Being a comedian is not easy. Most successful comedians do their own scripts and perform their material on stage, most of the time not knowing if the audience will actually laugh at the lines poked. Then again, we have people who have earned a good name in this industry. These talented comedians should be part of comedy’s “best lists”.

It’s The Stupid Economy!

I’m really sick of all these right-wingers talking about the economy. Aren’t you? I mean, when Bill Clinton was running for president, he was all like, “It’s the economy, Stupid.” That was his subtle, easy-going way of suggesting his opponent, George H.W. Bush, had perhaps failed to sufficiently focus on domestic issues. But that was SO twenty years ago…

Funny True Stories to Share at Your Next Party

Parties are great times to tell funny true stories obviously because these add fun, laughter and enjoyment to the occasion. Surprise Christmas Present – Let’s start off with one of the funny Christmas stories where the theme is gift-giving gone wrong. Two men, John and Jake, were luckily able to purchase two season tickets to their favourite team’s games.

The Secret of Success of Funny Comic Strips

Successful funny comic strips contain three basic features, which include a profound sense of humor, imaginative quality of the creator and the ability to draw matching comic characters telling the story perfectly to the point. You need to practice the art of creating comic strips to earn a successful position in the popularity scale. If you are able to display the correct story telling technique, you are one step ahead of others in gaining popularity.

Capitalism’s BAD, N’kay?

June Sixth, 2012: a day which will live in INFAMY! See, what had happened was, in a sudden and deliberate attack on socialist progressivism, the stock market actually skyrocketed UP by almost three hundred points. Just when we thought we’d finally made things fair by villifying capitalism and banishing prosperity to the ash-heap of history (the market had given back all its ill-gotten 2012 gains just a few days before), this has to go and happen…

God Has a Sense of Humor Too!

The World Cup, the quadrennial fiesta of the biggest sport in India, cricket, was on. Gods were being appeased with ardent prayers from various fans. There was an air of optimism all around, and cricket-linked commerce was at its peak.

Crash The Ash – A Funny Bar Room Bet

Here is a funny way to win ten bucks and a beer. Give it a try.

Cyberspace Confessions

The internet’s anonymity makes it a perfect breeding ground for blogs, vlogs and articles without the consequences of being reprimanded. We post things online and do things that we otherwise would not do. Naturally, websites where one confesses their deepest sins have found their niche in the world of cyberspace.

Gaseous House Guest

Find out what happens when a very gaseous house guest stays the night. You will laugh from start to finish!

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