I Boxed 4 People At The Same Time

Top 30 Funny Jokes

Now you can read de best 30 jokes from all time! After hours of work, I selected the 30 best jokes that will amuse you.

Sunglasses Cool

Have you said that someone or some thing is cool? What did you mean?

The Eggplant Matters

The comedian W.C. Fields said, “Never give a sucker an even break.” Had he been a vegetarian, he might have said, “Never give an eggplant a place in your grocery basket.”

Mole Hound for Hire

Nature provides a wondrous array of animals that have clear and understandable habits that we can enjoy, or at least appreciate. But, humans sometimes crossbreed some of those animals to have a different sort of pet.

A Delectable Dish: Wine and Snivel

When writing, know what to say, then write for effect. Or, don’t do that. Instead, take your reader on a journey, and point out the interesting sights along the way.

The Penny Hoarders

The criminal history of Clint Steele and his sister Bonny Steele began when they were kids, stealing change from their parents. Later as teenagers, they rummaged through their dad’s old coin collection stealing old “wheat back” pennies. They stole all types of coins in and out of circulation, but as adults, they stole lowly pennies from banks.

Commuting Blues!

There is a very potent danger that lurks in every overcrowded space; it can happen anytime taking everyone unawares on most occasions…

Conjugal Cluelessness!

He plonked his cup on the table nearly forcing the remaining tea to spill over the table. He could hear her making unnecessary noises in the kitchen handling the utensils while carrying on with her invective against him and her in-laws.,,

How to Define the Syndrome of Being Busy!

Whatever are your findings it’s never your business to undermine or ridicule or cast aspersions on such people! Your only job is to understand the state of affairs to illuminate the syndrome of being busy and record your observations…

How to Successfully Tell a Lie to Your Mother

I have aged gracefully but am still single. But my point of writing this article is rather hilarious. How I lied to my mother successfully in attempts to meet my future endeavors and soul mate is rather interesting. I am sure it will make you smile. So please look inside.

Tales of Temerity and Terror From The Front Lines of My Life

Make your next shopping experience more pleasurable by learning how to choose a “safe” checkout, which is to say it will not include a Jumper, a No Limits or, God help me, a Placeholder working in cahoots with a Runner. All are to be feared because they will sacrifice the needs of the many for the needs of the one, even if that leads to the ultimate disaster: a Line Freeze.

Hollywood Asks – Is Comedy Dead?

The Hollywood writers and producers cannot understand why no one is interested in watching their sit-coms anymore on TV? Well, did it ever occur to them that some of this stuff isn’t all that funny anymore? The movie industry’s comedy films are also getting killed at the box office. Stand-up comedy is doing OK, but in the new PC world, comedy routines often turn off half of the audience during any given skit, throw in politics and yes, you get some headlines but comedians are divided and conquered. What happened? No, what really happened? Is Hollywood in denial?

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