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Funny SMS’s and How They Relieve Stress

This is an article that explains the benefits of sending out funny joke sms messages. There are many benefits not just for the receiver but for the sender as well.

Who Passed the Gas?

He was the kind of individual who was significantly influenced by what people might think of him. He showed that in the way he dressed and the words he chose. Under no circumstances would he behave otherwise. He had to hold on for as long as it took.

Are You Into Comedy? You Are Not Alone As the Whole Nation Is Hooked on It

Who doesn’t like to laugh? It’s probably the world’s best medicine as you may have heard a million times. But how many people can say that they laugh their guts out every day? 7 Out of 10 times, people will say that they don’t have much time to enjoy a good laugh. Well, it’s not a farfetched thing as it sounds as if you want to enjoy you will find the means to achieve that.

The Days of Saint Cuthbert

In the days of Good King Freddie the Umteenth, the patron saint and minister for the environment was a noble knight called Cuthbert. Keeping to the ancient traditions, Saint Cuthbert wore a shining suit of burnished steel armour and rode a splendid white stallion. With lance and sword he chased the Welsh dragons and other assorted reptilian megafauna that threatened the peace and tranquillity of old England. These methods had been successful in the past, but times were changing. Even with more helpers under his command, all to a man graduates of the Eton School of Chivalry, Cuthbert knew that he was losing control of the situation. The plague of fire-breathing monsters was reaching epidemic proportions.

The Lifting Experience!

He could never imagine that the mere everyday affairs like giving a lift or being giving a lift would involve such intricate psychological angles. The basic problem, he reasoned so often, was that of how the other party would interpret the offers made. If the interpretation was right it would work perfectly for mutual benefit. However, if it was misinterpreted which was normally feared it would rub on both the parties the wrong way. Such an ultra-sensitive and generous person that he was his experiences in this regard were not conclusive enough to show him whether he should laugh it off or should be more careful about it.

The Cost Of The Virtual!

He must ensure that he refuse all unnecessary offers or entrapment. He’d no longer be vulnerable. And then, as usual, he got a call right away..

Liberal Values = Higher Pay!

When describing a black hole, astronomers have often speculated that absolutely nothing can survive within their massive gravity. But, recent evidence may in fact disprove this theory!!

Becoming a Stand Up Comedian – Hecklers

Becoming a stand up comedian requires an understanding that performing stand up comedy can be stressful, particularly if you have hecklers. Some people enjoy going to the comedy clubs just to mess with the stand up comedians. They have created a technique for getting under your skin.

Why Jurassic World Is Totally Unbelievable

Jurassic World, the latest installment in the blockbuster series about an amusement park filled with living dinosaurs, comes out in theaters today, and while I had really high hopes for the film, it was just too unrealistic to be enjoyable. If scientists really had discovered how to bring back species that had gone extinct 65 million years ago, and then put those species in an island amusement park, concessions at the park would be much, much more expensive.

The Big Bellied Bully!

The big thing kept on pushing me every time there was some movement. I did try to give him stares, but he never noticed or pretended not to notice. He allowed his partner to do all the action for him…

The Visual Nut!

The executive broke into a broad grin and started chewing vigorously. The editor looked into the barren ceiling above fearing a rain of betel nuts falling on him and submerging him…

A Tale of Old England – The First Cricket Test Match

The French team had arrived at Windsor to play the first cricket test match against England. The two teams were training in preparation for the game to start. King Pierre had sent Cardinal Ami du Roi to captain the French team and George’s man Jack had been nominated captain of the English team. Jack came running up with a worried look. ‘Have you seen their spin bowler?’ he asked Merlin.

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