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Famous Funny Quotes

Humor has been used throughout the ages to challenge authority, deal with fear and to just plain entertain. For most of us, humor is a necessity of life. However, humor is subjective, some comedy is dependent upon its historical context for example, and therefore, not all jokes are enjoyed by all people. However, this list of famous funny quotes is a timeless selection, which spans a broad range of humor, from men and women of varying backgrounds.

Jon Stewart – The Second Born With an Attitude

American political satirist, television host, and stand up comedian. Known for The Daily Show that puts a satirical slant to news stories Jon Stewart has the birth order of a second born and demonstrates the the attitude and traits of this birth order. His early years and work history show how a second born can take a different path in life than an older brother. Money, power, and friends are all part of the picture. Birth order is that unconscious unseen force that influences many aspects of our lives. With its understanding we may see that some things in life don’t just happen by chance.

My Grandpa Went Fishing (Don’t Cross The River)

There is an old proverb that says: ‘Don’t cross the bridge, until you reach the river’. And sure it is a metaphor for not being rush in our decisions and to follow the logical sequence of events. But I never thought that this proverb will be applied literally to my Grandpa.

3 Funny Reasons I Wouldn’t Get Swords When Hungry

Hey you are starving and you like swords don’t you? Then you should try what these guys did. Believe me I was starving but after looking to these guys, well you know its not something you want to do with your swords collection.

The Joy of Spreadsheets

So it’s another weekday, which means it’s another work day. I’m bored out of my head. Don’t you hate it when you tell someone you’re bored and they say “I’ve got plenty of work for you to do”, to which you have to reply “Oh I have heaps of work to do, it’s just all really boring”.

Not All Tragic – The Comedy of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

One of the key elements of Hamlet apart from the revenge and amidst all the bloodshed there is a sense of dark humour that takes place by the key character Hamlet. This dark humour is used most effectively.

Some Woman

Some woman she was. Attractive and alluring, she looked like the ultimate woman to get at any cost. Apart from her beauty, she had an enigmatic smile which excited my imagination and promised many pleasures.

Discover the Funniest Video Sites

Funny video sites provide audiences with entertainment courtesy of humor. An opportunity for a laugh is always welcome; laughter has not ceased being the ultimate medicine. It is no wonder multitudes of fans continue to endorse such sites.

Discover the Comedy Central Tosh.0 Show

Comedy central tosh.0 is a television series that was launched in mid 2009. Daniel Tosh is the comedian behind this show which has received an overwhelming response from the public. Majority of the viewers are mainly males between 18 and 34 and millions of people watch every episode.

Discover Popular Comedy Central Comedians

Comedy central comedians have entertained crowds and television audiences over the years. Some veteran and new comedians are still going strong while others have taken a rest from it. Comedy Central Presents is a show that hit television screens for the first time in December 1998.

Discover Ideas for Comedy Video Clips

Comedy video clips play a very important role in entertainment. For this reason, there is always a need for new and fresh ideas that provide a wave of original humor to people in society. Because of this, ideas for comedy video clips are paramount.

Communication Through Comedy Podcasts

Comedy podcasts are becoming a common feature in society. Pod casting is about using digital files and streaming them to audiences through real simple syndication or RSS in most cases. It is basically audio or video messages that are received once in a while after you have subscribed to a particular comedy content provider.

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