I FaceTimed Floyd Mayweather…

Mama Gets the Last Word

Mama would do all kinds of things around the family just to have fun. But out in public, we were supposed to behave and be dignified. Wow into us kids if we weren’t!

Mama and Her Magic Teeth

Most young women would be upset to lose all their teeth at a young age. Not Mama. Her replacements were far superior to the originals. She quickly put her Polident smile to good use,. They weren’t just good for chewing.

When You Can’t Stop Laughing at the Most Inappropriate Times

You have no control over it. There are just certain occasions when, if something strikes you as funny, you’re in trouble. Your whole body demands laughter. The problem is, you have to hide it the best you can. Most likely, you’re suffering from ILS. Is there a cure?

The Night the Bed Almost Fell (With Apologies to James Thurber)

In the rural areas of my childhood, quite a few of my relatives still farmed. They lived in old but picturesque homesteads, surrounded by crops, outbuildings, and farm animals. Modern conveniences crept in slowly. Sometimes, getting used to them led to confusion and laughter.

Do Seniors Appreciate a Good Laugh?

Do seniors have a sense of humor? Yes and No! No, if you have children who badger you endlessly to buy them the latest in personal electronic instruments, i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Yes, but in ways younger people cannot understand or misinterpret.

The Coaching Mills of Bandigarh

The article is written, in a lighter vein, regarding the system of education, in which the parents turn up every year, to a remote town in India, along with their kids, braving temperatures of fifty degrees Celcius. The town teeming with Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam coaching institutes, bears witness to the trials and tribulations undergone by the kids, most of whom do not make it. If only they were allowed to pursue their interests, the world would be so much more a better place for them, and the society they live in.

A Funny Thing You Haven’t Seen

Can the mind truly see what’s not there? The mind can indeed see what your eyeballs clearly see and transfer the image seen to your brain that makes a fuzzy something. But what about what you imagine from what I’m typing? Are you seeing the words or are you seeing a creation that’s just not there?

Dad Died

My Dad died and the Sheriff’s Office explained that the pot-belled stove that Dad used to heat the old house got too hot and blew up, causing a fire in the front room. His bedroom door was about ten feet from the stove. When the stove blew it woke Dad. He must have immediately jumped up and tried to run to the back kitchen door to escape the searing heat.

The Feline Favour!

Any possibility of getting a lift was thus ruled out. My tension was genuine because my septuagenarian mother was with me and to make her walk nearly a mile was never a bright idea…

Practicing Your Stand-Up Comedy Routine On Stage

There are many opportunities to practice your stand-up comedy on stage. This article discusses several of the ways and places to hone your stand-up comedy skills. Showcase Clubs These are unpaid, but they have space for you to get stage time.

Improving Your Stand Up Comedy Act

Get Stage Time The best education you can have as a beginning comedian is on the stage. This book is sharing several strategies and techniques with you, but the only way to truly learn how to be funny is to get stage time. You need to stop waiting for the right time and just get out there now.

Improving Your Stand-Up Comedy

Rearranging Your Routine – You may need to rearrange your routine for several reasons including writing new material, improving jokes, removing jokes, and how your jokes rank. Or you may want to use a joke that has been in your file for a while. When you include new or rewritten jokes, you will have to rearrange your routing.

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