Those Halcyon Days

In many cases dreams of childhood days is more frequent in many people. In fact almost all people wish to go back into childhood days. Those days are unforgettable in life. The days of care free life are vastly different from days occupied with efforts to earn bread and butter which prompt people to run from pillar to post especially in modern life of competition in all fields.

How To Blow Up a Balloon And Other Stuff

HOW TO BLOW UP A BALLOON: Obviously, you place a small stick of dynamite under the balloon, and light the fuse. This is a very expensive exercise due to inflation. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me…

Humor In Eccentricity

Eccentricity is associated with intense creativity or curiosity and with intellectually gifted geniuses. But if some of us in the pursuit of being different from other mortals try to cultivate eccentricity only humor emanates from their efforts.

5 Signs You Are Addicted to Video Games

Do you think you might have a problem with video games? Check out our top five signs that you are addicted and need to get some help!

Top 10 Funny T Shirts for The Ultra Confident Completely Silly Guy

If you are looking for a good laugh, these funny t shirt sayings for super confident guys fits the bill. We all know guys that are so full of themselves, we can’t figure out how they walk among us. These are their shirts.

My Mother Is a Dinosaur

Humor can be found in day to day life. There are many such incidents around us and it depends how we look at it. Here is one such incident.

Where Is The Toilet Paper?

Are you tired of looking for a new roll of toilet paper every other day? Whatever happened to a real roll of toilet paper, one that actually fills the holder and lasts longer than two flushes and a blow?

Stalking Telemarketers

We all hate them! They ring at the most inconvenient times to sell us junk we neither want or need and all done in an indecipherable accent. I recently had a telemarketer stalker.

Book A Comedian And Have Lots Of Healthy Fun

Book A Comedian to solicit laughter which enhances the operation of the body’s defense mechanisms, helping the body to fight off sickness and ailment. Research has demonstrated that laughing out loud results in the improved production of catecholamines and hormones.

A Female Comedian As Part Of Stress Management Plan

Hypnosis or self-hypnosis, acupuncture and tai chi or watching a Female Comedian do stand-up comedy are some parts of a stress management plan as a way to lower and stop the symptoms of anxiety. An individual under self-hypnosis will be having a trance like state, which lets them enter into either the “theta” or “delta” states of consciousness.

A Stand Up Comedian Can Lower Down Your Stress

You might be surprised that watching a Stand Up Comedian perform can be reduce stress. A stress management plan is not going to always involve a lot of time and energy.

Have an Awesome Get Together Aided By the Comedians For Hire and the Big 3 Don’ts When Hiring

Did anyone ever experience comedians for hire to entertain your celebration, function or whatever? How did it come out? And where did you find them to start with? These are just but few questions in head when one is about to get the services a comedian.

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