3 Rules For Creating Great Prank Calls

Prank calls can be bothersome if some hooligan from your neighborhood calls every night at 3am with some ridiculous story or simply to hang up on you. These types of prank calls may seem threatening and annoying, but there are phone pranks that are quite funny when performed by friends.

Ida’s Cinnamon Screamers, Edibles and Recyclables

Eleanor Lillian Loback was born in 1918 not too far from where the Chatahoochie River keeps Georgia Georgia and, if you’re from Georgia, as she was, it keeps Alabama something else. She grew up in Blakely, down yonder near the fish camps, bootlegged liquor and endless groves of pecan trees.

How To Fix A Horse Race

The Old Man tries to help my senior class with our Graduation party. He offers to help two friends and I fix a horse race with the class dues.

How To Master The Art Of Great Prank Calls

Admittedly, sometimes prank calls can be annoying and a bit worrisome if you get them a lot from somebody that you do not know. However, most of the time prank calls are actually a lot of fun to make and receive because while a surprise, they are often funny and can leave you laughing for weeks.

Cheating: A Funny “How to”

Why do kids cheat in school? A humorous approach at the methods youth may use to cheat in school.

Your Choice of Jokes Can Make the World a Better Place

The other day a family member of mine wanted to show me a joke that had been forwarded to him on his cell phone. I wish he had considered one simple thing before he shared it with me.

Five Fake Ways to Avoid a DUI

Do you like to tie one on at a local bar or pop a handful of pills before you get behind the wheel? This decision can really cramp your style if you get caught. For a DUI first offense conviction, penalties include mandatory jail time in some states. However, there are lots of ways to wiggle out of trouble if you get stopped by the cops. Warning: Please don’t read this article while under the influence – you might take it seriously!

Finding The Humor With Funny Pictures And Getting Close With Laughter

Most people have heard that laughter is contagious. It’s difficult to refute that claim, when you hear someone laughing uncontrollably, laughing until tears are streaming down their face, and you just can’t help yourself from joining in. Even if you don’t know what this person is laughing about, it could be a joke, perhaps some funny pictures, it doesn’t seem to matter. Once you’ve caught the laughing bug, you’re stuck with it.

Humor And Funny Stuff

There is a general belief that writing funny stuff comes naturally to some. Funny people have a gene, a natural gift which can’t be produced by learning ‘techniques’. This may be true but there are definitely some tips that can make one sound funny!

A Pie in Your Face

As a species humans feel the need to constantly analyze everything. We need to look deep beyond the surface of what we see with our eyes in search of deeper meaning. Slapstick comedy is the one time we can place our analytic minds at ease and take the pie in the face for it’s full worth. IT’S A PIE…IN YOUR FACE! That’s it.

Different Ways To Capture Funny Videos

Funny Videos have made their way into each and every persons household at one time or another. Technology has made it very easy to capture, view and send funny videos via several different types of media.

Cuffed and Booked For A Bad Pick Up Move

Finding and meeting a pretty woman is risky enough; I didn’t know it could include 5 days in jail. Note to Post Falls Police Department: If you read this I hope you have a sense of humor. If you don’t please understand that I have learned my lesson. I know you were doing your job and it’s nothing personal. “Just business.”

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