I Had An Accident.

‘Fur-Larious’ Funny Animal Videos

I would like to share some of the finest funny animal videos. If there’ s one type of entertainment I love, it’ s funny animal videos. Even just the facial expressions… their faces speak volumes despite the fact that most are covered in fur and atop with ears.

1440 Beautiful Moments

Each of us have 1440 beautiful moments each day. The life of luxury…

How To Write Out Funny Jokes

Jokes are always great to share and can make people laugh out loud. Learn how you could write your own jokes.

Timing – How the Best Comedy Writers Have Mastered It

Comedic timing – in performance comedy – is something hard to teach in an article. No matter how many how to guides you read, nothing can substitute stage time. For this piece, I will try to give you some tips on how to develop comic timing on the stage.

The Best April Fools’ Day Spoofs, Pranks and Jokes

There seems to be no clear origin of April Fools’ Day but there are references to 1st of April as a day of japes and jests that can be found as far back as 1392 in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and in European literature of the Middle Ages. We have listed some of the worlds best April Fools’ Day Spoofs, Pranks and Jokes to amuse and inspire you.

No Room at the Top

I want t be the top writer of fiction. Unfortunately, there is no room at the top. This story is about my travails to get to the top.

The Internet Feels Like A Used Car Lot

I am going to be straight with you right off the bat. This articles is going to be an expression of frustration and somewhat of a rant. As much as I want to say that the gold rush of the online riches is something new, I know that it has a very long history.

A Strange Mental Disorder

My problems had started even before I was born as I was a case of transverse lie. The doctors had used all their skills to save me and my mother. “At one stage, they gave up the ghost,” my mother informed me when I could understand things. “Moreover, you didn’t cry or breathe for a few seconds. They whacked your bottom thrice, and when they pronounced you a still-born baby, you cried. It was a touch and go case,” she added.

Must See Comedy Acts 2011

A short article outlining the top comedy acts that must be seen in 2011. The article features a range of comedy styles from male and female comedians.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Zombie Wife

When you finally arrive home after escaping mobs of hungry zombies in your city, you fortify your home and set up camp until the situation calms down. The one thing you didn’t expect was to find your wife there, still alive… but a zombie. When she lunges toward you, somehow you manage to pin her down, but you can’t bring yourself to taking her life. She’s still your wife, after all. It is in this moment that you consider what life might be like if you make the choice to keep your zombie wife…

Comedy Writing – Readers Love It When Humor Hits Close to Home

Comedy writing is about being able to tell a story or express an opinion that your audience can relate to. The more emotional the connection, the funnier it gets. The challenge is writing humorous pieces that hits a chord with your readers.

Humorous Cat Videos Will Make You Chuckle

The web provides plenty of leisure and that is very true if you have a look at humorous cat videos. They will get you rolling and a number of other of them you will want to watch over and over again. Too typically folks understand cats as just mendacity around and doing nothing. So it is vitally magical for them to see these animals in action and doing a little bizarre things.

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