I Hate Jake Paul.

The Power of Words

Apparel maketh a man and words a speaker or writer. The spoken word is more powerful. This essay uses an analogy between the words and apparel. While it quotes some of the famous words spoken and written, it also looks at the words in a lighter vein.

The Teamwork of Improv

Improv, if nothing else, is a team sport. The greatest moments in improvisation come form a group of performers working together. We always talk about listen and respond, “YES AND”, and other rules, but to really achieve GREAT improv, you need to dig deeper.

An Interview to Die For: Top Three Interview Tips – For Zombies

Don’t let your recent transformation into a zombie deter you from finding the best interview tips out there. You may be undead, but you still have to put your best foot forward – assuming it’s still attached, of course.

My Powers Of Deduction Mean I’m Never Surprised – Learn How!

I have a skill. A skill that drives my Husband up the wall. I have amazing powers of deduction.

Kevin Hart Is Back For Another International Stand Up Comedy Tour

Kevin Hart, the award winning stand up comedian, is back for another international tour throughout the United States and the United Kingdom! To find affordable Kevin Hart tickets in this economy, all you have to do is go online and purchase tickets through comparing ticket prices among the different ticket venue websites.

How to Cheer Up a Depressed Bird

There will be those among you who find the prospect of trying to cheer up a depressed bird amusing. Go ahead – laugh. Just like babies, birds of any particular breed all look pretty much the same. Same feather style, same expression, same beaks, same claws, same teeth… To the untrained eye, that is. However, anyone who has spent years studying birds for a living, observing their every little emotion, knows that birds do indeed suffer from depression. So, if a depressed bird is abandoned on your doorstep, how do you set about cheering it up? Once the bird realizes it’s been saddled with you for a companion, you have your work cut out. Forget antidepressants. Forget St. John’s Wort pills or tea bags. Before you get too deeply into the question of treatment, are you certain that the bird is depressed or have you made a misdiagnosis? What aroused your suspicions in the first place?

Funny Jokes, Laughter and Its Benefits

Funny jokes make our life lighter, happier and easier. Life is full of struggle, tensions and shocks. We are so busy in our lives that we forget how to smile.

Chuckle Away With Funny Videos Online

The internet can be a fantastic resource for just about anything, but when it comes to video entertainment, its limits are boundless. If you are looking for a quick laugh, there are many funny videos online to tickle your funny bone.

Annual Taxes – Humor in the Drudgery

Many lose their holiday smiles by January 15th of each year when they begin receiving their income tax preparation forms. But why allow the gloomies to grip you when you can face the tax season with a smile with a few quotes of encouragement and sense of humor?

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – The Definitive Guide (NOT)

Do you have what it takes to survive in a world that has been overrun with ravenous, flesh-eating zombies? Do you have the intestinal fortitude required to swing the axe or pull the trigger so that you can preserve your rightful place at the top of the food chain and keep the world from being completely engulfed in a full on Zombie Apocalypse? I bet you probably don’t.

Strict Schedule of a Monkey

I loved this place. Its wealth of spiritual mysteries combined with the mayhem of total chaos going on below. One prominent feature commonly seen in Indian window frames is monkeys. They are known to follow a strict schedule. Though their job description may seem elementary to us, their dedication to it commands a certain respect.

The Importance of Funny Videos

Watching funny videos has its own advantages. When life has become very monotonous these days you have to enjoy certain moments in it by way of relaxation of mind. There are many ways of diverting your mind.

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