I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards

Humor – What Is It?

Humor is always linked to comedy. It is generally recognized as something acceptable to, and enjoyed by everyone, no matter what his or her age. Learning to smile is one of the first recognizable displayed characteristics of newborn babies. The rhythmic expulsion of air from the lungs is recognized as laughter in a matter of weeks following the birth, and is a primitive form of basic communication. Mother Nature has already equipped young babies with a powerful tool they can use to good advantage as a key factor in human bonding, the building of special relationships and social cohesion in the years that follow.

Fat Pencil Days

Even though I am a writer in the twenty first century with a laptop and Microsoft Word and all the other gadgets and geegaws I still sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen or pencil when an idea is starting to form in my head. I guess it’s conditioning from all those years in school when I was sitting behind a desk trying to express myself with a pen or pencil. I can still picture the scene, thirty kids leaning over their desks, straining to form those letters with big fat pencils clutched in their hands, and a few of them even let the tip of their tongues slip out the corner of their mouths, the ultimate sign of concentration.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own A Dragon As A Pet

It’s almost dragon breeding season and soon your local animal shelters will be offering these poor homeless fire-breathing creatures (and their cute hatchlings) to unsuspecting customers. Be aware, the majority of dragons adopted from shelters are returned.

What The Health Is Going On?

It’s time to tell the presidential frontrunners about these two underrated and unnoticed illnesses. It’s up to you to pass the word.

Prescription Descriptions

Which is worse, the drug or the disease? These days it seems prescription medications are on a roll for delivering worse symptoms than what they are intended to cure. But that’s OK, there are always live human pain reliever overdose studies proving we can dull any pain. Read the sarcastic version of how this all works out for the common good. Yeah good. I’m good.

8 Unusual Television Channels

The Fish Channel may, or may not be, part of a 500 channel expansion due to explode on your television screens in the near future. Here are a few more that you might like to see.

How to Become a Comedian

Have you ever wondered how a certain comedy got his/her start? I can guarantee it took a lot of hard work and thankless audiences. They persisted because that’s what they wanted in life. They also had to pay their dues with small audiences and unpaid performances.

Staying on the Funny Side of Spontaneity

Today I decided to have a moment of spontaneity with my toddler, which is unusual for me to engage in things I can’t spell. Usually I like my spontaneous moments to occur on weekends – not during those precious work hours when I could be sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. But when Junior asked me for the 147th time if he could do bubbles, I stopped typing, looked up, and much to his surprise and mine said yes, and we ran outside before I could change my mind.

My Worst Day in Real Estate

If you have every had a day that you just wish you could do over, well I had one of those days and I figured I would share it with the world for a good Laugh, life is too short so laugh long and hard. We will all live longer because of it.

Monsters on a Bus

When I finished my drivers test last week, I was welcomed aboard as a new full time driver for Lisa Motor Lines and given a choice: if I wanted to start trucking that very afternoon I could have an International tractor right there in the yard in Fort Worth. If I didn’t want to drive the International (and who does?) I could have an older, five years, Freightliner tractor.

Orange Barrel Humor!

All of us can count on three things in life…taxes; death and of course…those pesky orange traffic barrels! You know…the “orange barrel blues”…as it were!

Laughing Our Way Into Old Age

They tell me it is fun to grow old and become infested with senility, or maybe Alzheimer’s disease, in that you are able to meet new friends every day, hear new jokes every day, and so on. That may be true, but I just don’t remember.

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