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Sinkhole Gets Hungry – Tries to Swallow Restaurant

The Southeast Region is no stranger to Sinkholes. They have gobbled up cars, traffic signs, homes; whatever they need to survive. Usually, they are no major threat to humans and civilization, until now.

The Reason Why Men, Wine and Toaster Repairs Don’t Always Go Together!

How not to Repair a Toaster after 2 glasses of wine. Plug in toaster. Punch lever several times.

Present Funny Quotes and Sayings at Concerts

I think one of the most hardest and very lucrative businesses you can get into is comedy because it pays well however it can be very difficult to get individuals to come see you perform. We are going to talk about ways you can attract more people to your concerts or parties so that they can see you perform some of your greatest hilarious quotes and sayings by using alternatives.

How Do Talented Comedians Use Funny Sayings & Quotes?

I have been to over 10 different comedian acts I must say that they talk and joke about some really interesting things that are simply outrageous to the ears of standard men. I have seen people literally barf all over there love ones because a joke was so funny presented by a comedian. This is the comedian job and it is what they do so I am not surprised at all when I see a professional get on stage and turn the house upside down with there hilarious jokes.

Top 7 Funny Computer T Shirts

What makes a computer t shirt funny? I think it’s the ability to take a direct programmatic approach to humor. OK, actually, I actually think the unexpected is what is really the most funny.

Places to Share Your Funny Quotes & Sayings

One of the best things about having the ability to represent your own line of jokes is to present them in front of your friends. Believe it or not this kind of thing can enhance happiness in your life in the spotlight of those you enjoy being around.

Life Without Facebook

Social media was considered a waste of time in some schools of thought in the past but now its part of an image that one carries. You have to be on Facebook or you’ll feel left out when your friends are discussing and you are looking at them like you’re deaf and dumb.

Proposed Construction of International House of Pancakes Near Ground Zero Sparks Controversy

A meeting of the Lower Manhattan Community board became the scene of a heated debate today as hundreds people weighed in on whether it is appropriate to build an IHOP just blocks away from the site of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the city. Many feel that the presence of a restaurant know not only for it’s outreach to foreign countries, including those in the Middle East from which the terror attacks originated, but also for its varied and reasonably priced breakfast menu is insensitive to the memory of those lost when the World Trade Center towers fell.

Methods For Creating Funny Quotes & Sayings

There are tons of ways to get a kick out of life by doing different things that you naturally already know. As human beings we already have those built in tools to make ourselves and others laugh hilariously. The question is what are some of those methods for you to use in order to uncover some of these right away.

Courier Jobs – The Funny Side

When you’re in the middle of choosing, or working on courier jobs there are some situations you definitely want to avoid. How do old couriers pass on their years of accumulated wisdom to the younger generation of up-and-coming hotshots? Through legions of jokes and humorous stories about the perils of driving and courier jobs! We’ve picked out a few of our favourites to share.

Bright Idea – Time to Change the Ceiling Light

Any homeowner can change a lightbulb. But, what if the bulb is in the cathedral ceiling? Here is a light-hearted look at a challenging chore.

Computers Are Taking Over and It’s Only a Matter of Weeks Until This Happens to You!

People call me all the time to ask me to repair their washing machine. The problem is, they assume because I’m on the 1st page of Google, I’m a real person.

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