I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

Improving Your Stand Up Comedy Routine

Rewriting Your Jokes Reworking and rephrasing should also be included as part of rewriting your jokes. Do not confuse this with rearranging your show, which is for reworking your show. They do go hand in hand, but they are separate tasks.

NS Krishnan – The Man Who Revolutionized The South Indians Through Comedy

In most western movies, comedy is just laughter. Witty dialogues and slapstick genre seemed to be the preferred choice. But, in NS Krishnan (NSK), the Tamil film industry in South India was gifted with a man who was far-sighted, way beyond his contemporaries at that time. NSK was a genius incorporating social reform messages to school the masses from being continuously shackled by orthodoxy and superstition.

The Campaign to Elect Hooves As President

The election of president had always been the preserved domain of the insiders, the establishment figures. No, this was not the election of the US President in 2016, but the election of the president of the Southampton University Students’ Union in 1959. The Students’ Union, and all student politics, had been left in the past to the social economists and students of the Faculty of Art. Engineers were much too involved with their studies and renovating an old bus, affectionately known as the Toast-Rack, for a summer trip to Spain, to be even aware that an election was taking place. But that year they were somehow alerted, and the engineers planned a campaign to challenge the establishment with a candidate who was a complete outsider with no knowledge or experience of student politics.

Simon Stanley Seymour the Tenacious Backyard Squirrel

If you have watched squirrels for any amount of time you know they do things humans can’t believe. Here are three short stories about Simon Stanley Seymour our tenacious backyard squirrel.

The Donation Box Collector!

The film producer had an urgent chat with his wife just before breakfast. The maid noticed it and claimed the credit for the breaking part of that piece of news to the rest of house staff. However, to the disappointment of many she did not have a clue as to what transpired between them…

How Can You Add Humor to Your Life?

How would you rate your sense of humor on a 1-10 scale rating, with 10 being the maximum rating? If it’s near 10, you don’t need to read this article. On the other hand, if it’s midway or near “1” rating, you had better look inside!!

The Strange Prince Phillip Movement

This article is about a strange tribe of primitive people on a South Pacific island who believe Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh is a god. Please read to learn how this cult is known as the “Prince Phillip Movement.”

How To Tell A Joke Like A Pro

Telling a great joke is not hard. Here’s how to make it easy to make a big hit with anyone or at a party, or with a first impression as long as you practice first.

Laughing Through Stress – What Are The Resources Available To You

Have you ever wondered why people love movies in the comedy genre more than anything else? It is because we all love to laugh. Laughter is a natural emotion that is the favorite of almost every individual; even of those who may appear the most grumpiest outwardly. If only there was a resource that could provide us our quote of daily jokes, our life would have been less stressful and more cheerful.

Can Fire-Breathing Monsters Help The Navy?

Patron Saint, George, and Prime Minister, Merlin, had tried to speed up the seasoning of timber by using fire-breathing monsters but the result had been the loss of material for two warships. First Sea Lord, Sir Salty Biscuit, called an urgent conference and came to Greenwich to take the chair. He was joined by George and Merlin, technical expert, Dr Knotty Wood, and George’s man, Jack.

A Tax Man Pretends To Be The Patron Saint

Peter Paye of His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs was wearing George’s armour, pretending to be the patron saint. With George’s man, Jack, he was in the headquarters of the secret service trying to discover the fate of one hundred golden coins provided for George’s recent mission to Scotland. They were ushered into Jim Barton’s office, and prompted by Jack, Peter managed to greet the senior spy as if he knew him. ‘Good to see you Jim,’ Peter said, ‘I hope I’ll also have a chance to see Dick.’

Community Service For A Grumpy Green In A Monster Menagerie

Lord Justice Burns, had sentenced the perpetrator of the Windermere fish famine, Nancy Benn, to three years’ community service in George’s monster menagerie, and while George slept through an armour-off week, his man, Jack, was trying to find a room in which Nancy could stay. George’s ancient dilapidated castle had few habitable rooms, and apart from George’s and Jack’s own rooms, all available space was filled with tools and equipment needed to support the growing population of megafauna.

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