I Spent $2,000,000 On Pokémon Cards

Hidden Assets

Doctor Bonnette thought he had seen it all as an army doctor stations in Iraq. However, once back home in the rural Midwest of America, he discovers that no other country tops the U.S. when it comes to inventive medical situations.

The Flintstone Look

People notice your appearance. Some will judge you harshly by what they see. Yet, even your critics can melt if you your heart is good, and they experience your winning personality. You may come to appreciate yourself more when you don’t judge yourself by how you look.

Finding Humor in Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves are little habits everyone has in common. Find out the best ways to deal with them.

Seven Bollywood Heroines Taller Than Their Heroes

Many actresses like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif are taller than a lot of the male stars. There was a time in Bollywood when heroines weren’t supposed to be taller than their heroes. In fact, if an actress, no matter how good looking she was, or how good her acting was, was way too tall, she had a lot of trouble finding work in Bollywood. However, in the present times, things have changed to a large extent and they have changed for better.

Minecraft: The Little Mermaid Has Legs!

Fun facts you didn’t know about Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Please don’t tell your mother, and especially not your kids.

Personifying Doors

What if doors are personified? What if they become alive, what if all non-living things, at some point are able to express their feelings. In this attempt to make objects alive, here’s one article to personify doors. Take a look at how doors feel and what they have to say in this abstract attempt.

This Will Make You Blush

Recently, I was looking for books on actress and singer Eartha Kitt at my local library and discovered myself. You know, my birthday is soon and youthfulness really is in the head and in the spirit, not in great looks of the body. Age is just a number, and what others think of you cannot matter because before a certain age if they live that long, they do not even know what they are thinking themselves.

God’s Tenth Avatar: Latest Incarnation of God on Earth to Weed Out Evil and Protect Virtuous

Ramayana and Mahabharata, the two great epics of India are describing two incarnations of the Almighty. In Ramayana, God took the avatar as Rama and established various virtues on Earth like Truth, Chastity, Honesty and good rule, whereas in Mahabharata, He was born as Krishna and taught Bhagavad Gita which is considered the fifth Veda. He assured that, in every Mega Age (Yug) He would take the avatar on Earth to annihilate the evil, punish the guilty beings and to protect the righteous and establish Dharma. In other word in every age, he would set right the disorder and establish order. This age is known as ‘Kalyug’ (dark age). The disorder is at its peak. It is high time the Lord take Kalki avatar as assured by Him and restore order. Hence God comes to the Earth for doing His duty. But what is the result? This story depicts in a humorous way the problems God Himself will face should he come to Earth. This story is fully a political satire and not to hurt the religious sentiments of people belonging to any religion whatsoever.

The Talking Dwarf in Our Variety Show Program

It was a long hot summer vacation and school was closed for all of us. We tried to pass the days as spiritedly as we could until we got bored. And then all of a sudden, the Eureka moment struck us! What was it? Look inside to find out.

Not To The Death, But, To The Pain

Before I really, really, really begin this article, I would just like to say that I got the title from that line in The Princess Bride movie written by William Golding when Wesley the farm boy bluffed Prince Humperdinck into running away from him in fear in a moment of total physical weakness on the part of Wesley, the heroic farm boy. Man, oh man, true love is a funny thing!

The Talking Water Heater

One wintry day in Chicago, Sam Warm undressed to take a shower. He turned the shower knob to the left to heat the water. As the water gushed out, it felt lukewarm, but, a minute later it turned cold.

Well Done, Senor!

Without much of a protesting mind I obliged him, and to my luck one of the seats on the last rows just got empty. Instinctively I kept on watching the senior citizen as I sat down on my new address. More surprise was in store…

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