I Started A Drink Company With KSI

Ice Cubes

I am tired of filling the ice cube trays. Every tray I examine has just two ice cubes remaining. It is as if the perpetrator of this outrage, and she knows who she is, decides that as long there are two cubes left, it would be wasteful to fill the tray. One cube, apparently, can be sacrificed.

A Love Story Which Ended In Marriage

Katie is my wife. I married her with in a week, fell in love and now I am her husband. These seven days are full of events of meaningful consequences, are they really?

Jangling Nerves Not Conducive to Productivity

Arrgghhh, it’s that dreaded time again… HALF TERM! If I have to listen to Poooower Raaaangers SPD, Pooooower Raaangers to the rescue, break up Triple H and The Undertaker wrestling on my floor or tend to WWE/Raw carpet burns one more time, I’m gonna perform a couple of double choke slams of my own! As you can tell, I’m not in the best of moods. It’s not all the kids’ fault though. Some of it is self-inflicted…

Using Funny Bumper Stickers To Get Your Point Across

The use of bumper stickers to get someone’s point across to those driving behind him has been a major advertising medium for all kinds of controversial topics for a very long time. Sometimes, the best way to get your message across quickly can be done better with a little twist of humor.

Does Alternative Comedy Have Mainstream Appeal?

The growth of alternative comedy nights has been uncharacteristically fast for the entertainment industry. Since the year 2000, the number of venues running comedy clubs in London alone has increased from approximately 25 to over 100. So what lead to this growth? Have the comedians change their material, or have audience reactions and attitudes to alternative comedy changed?

Beaver in Argentina

25 pairs of beaver were taken to Argentina by someone interested in fur farming. They were under the radar of the local predators and there are now over 200,000 of them in the wild. (Enthusiastic bunch.)

Dancing with the Stars

The Professor was mad at me. We had agreed to meet at 8 pm to sign an important agreement. My delay led to postponement of the meeting.

Laughing Out Loud Online – The Key To Finding Hilarity In A Boring World

Let’s face it. We all love the Internet and its wealth of quick knowledge and information but it has also caused us all our fair share of misery. Viruses have destroyed our hard drives, financial and sexual predators lay lurking in the shadows and everything else that could possibly be unpleasant is never more than a click of the mouse away.

Staying On The Funny Side – Of Spiritual Sightings

Well, it happened again, this time to my Cousin Nester who called us all up this morning to say that Jesus had appeared on the side of his garage – not in the flesh, or even in the vapor, but in a distorted image on wood apparently made from rust, sap, and an unidentifiable white substance most likely blamed on birds and the adjacent cherry tree. Nester didn’t believe in Jesus but was willing to bet his lottery ticket that this was in fact the Holy of Holies who had taken residence above his trash cans, staring down with a look of disdain at the collection of assorted hubcaps and the discarded recliner bearing the imprint of Nester’s butt.

Driving in New Jersey

Being an entertainer for all of my life, I have been driving for many years all over this great country and I have noticed that drivers of certain states have definite traits of their own that is individualistic to themselves. For example, everyone knows that in Florida the people drive extremely slow. That is their very own characteristic while New Yorkers drive like they are in a race.

Key Ingredients to Cool Funny Videos

Check out some of the essential elements to create a successful funny video. Once a video strikes cord with its target audience, it is bound be virally carried across the online world.

Spice Up Your Lives With Online Peppy Humors

With a vast number of funny pictures and videos available on the Internet, people can now have access to some of the quickest ways to pure fun. Stress busters apart, these funny stuffs have great therapeutic uses as well.

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