Conversation With a Douche

The importance of ignorant people is as significant as the intelligent ones to create an economy of ideas that could be traded everywhere like universities, night clubs and bars. You need the entire community to spread your ideas and thoughts to reach that rewarding state of enrichment and knowing that you have reached someone and made a difference in their life.

The End of the World Didn’t Happen: Now What?

Some believed that December 21, 2012 would mark the end of the world due to the conclusion of the 5,125-year cycle in the Maya calendar. It gave me pause to think about the Mayans and their ability to create a calendar with that type of duration to begin with. I am not sure, but I don’t think my iCal goes that far into the future so to think that a Mayan person 5,125 years ago, painstakingly created a calendar to last 5,125 years (equal to 615,000 months or 266,500 weeks or approximately 1,870,625 days) is pretty amazing and most likely accounts for why the calendar maker stopped after a certain point. Here is one improvisor’s take on what could have happened…

Grandma Ran Over Santa’s Reindeer

Friends, it’s time for grandmas everywhere to rise up in righteous wrath over the song “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. Elmo and friends have been singing this song for far too long, besmirching the reputation of grandmas everywhere. Now, while many grandmas want to show their compassion to hapless reindeer, elves, Santa, and children everywhere, it’s actually grandpas, who behind the scenes, have banded together to show Elmo he doesn’t know everything.

Butterflies and eBooks

Somebody complained the other day in a letter to the editor in a local newspaper that you couldn’t press a flower between the pages of an eBook. While I sympathize with his basic sentiment, I think you indeed can press a flower with an eBook and in this article a propose a procedure which you probably won’t want to try. This article is an ode to paper and its nostalgia, particular when it is used to make a book.

Laughter – Helps You Relax and Recharges

Laughing away your distress, stress, pain, sorrows and thoughts is a natural process which changes the mood of a man and brings about piece of mind and relaxation. Studies so far have shown that laughter can relieve pain, bring greater happiness and even increase immunity and protect your heart from harm.

Dorothy Parker’s Humor – Both Loved and Feared

There are many types of humor: slapstick, situational, grim, self-deprecating, silly, serious, raw, light hearted, visual, plays on words and rhymes, and on and on. The one thing that most humor has in common is ‘the unexpected’. Dorothy Parker’s humor was certainly the unexpected. She played off of each situation and said or wrote exactly what she was ‘thinking’ – particularly if it was ‘out of the box’ of social propriety. Her words were quick, biting and unexpected – eliciting genuine laughter, and perhaps nervous laughter as well.

Why Dorothy Parker Became Famous in 1920s America

Most people today never heard of Dorothy Parker, yet in her day she was known first as a humorist and later in life as a social advocate. She supported the cause of the Republicans during the Spanish civil war, was a founding member of the Writers Guild of America, wrote many screenplays, was a heralded, best selling author, and in 1967 left her twenty thousand dollar estate to Martin Luther King. But it was her early participation in the Algonquin Round Table where she found her fame. Her wit and humor found fertile ground in the wounds of a war weary nation and the emotional fatigue of her citizens. Following WWI, the people were looking for something different and they found it in Dorothy Parker.

Do We Need a Christmas Joke to Laugh?

Christmas is a time to enjoy ourselves to the hilt. How can we make the day fun-filled? It can be made by cracking a Christmas joke. Learn more about this from the article.

The Key To Comedy

One of the most common questions I get as a stand up comedian, writer and now coach is: What is the key to comedy? And although there are too many variables for me to even suggest that I have all the answers when it comes to comedy, I can give you the key.

Strongest Being There Is

“LEAVE HULK ALOONE”, this is one of the most common quotes that my big green friendly monster usually says. For anyone who is not familiar with this “fictional” marvel character, he is a very renowned scientist (Dr. Bruce Banner) in the field of gamma radiation.

Gnomes: Real or Imaginary?

Have you ever been out in your yard and out of the corner of your eye, you spotted a little figure running across the lawn? The next glance, gone! Was it real or was it our imagination running away with us?

Texting and Driving Is Driving Me Nuts!

I am so completely done with people using their cell phones while they drive.   I get the attraction,  really; you want to see that emergency message that just popped up from your boss and such, but so many people take it so far beyond common sense that their swaying car might as well have a giant “Idiot on Board” sign in the back window.

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